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With so many Branson attractions to choose from along 76 Country Boulevard (aka “the strip”), it’s hard to know where to begin. Perhaps you’re the ultimate thrill seeker who can’t get enough roller coasters, zip lines, and death-defying drops. Or maybe you prefer less-intense adventures, like riding a Ferris wheel, or cruising along and admiring the Ozarks scenery. Whichever style of entertainment you seek, there are plenty of things to do in Branson, Missouri ranging from wild to mild. Read on to find the attraction that’s right for you.

Branson Attractions for Thrill Seekers

1. Silver Dollar City
Featuring more than 40 rides and attractions, this theme park is the ultimate stop for adrenaline junkies. Outlaw Run is the only wooden coaster to twist upside down three times, with a first drop of 162 feet, while the WildFire coaster starts with a vertical drop of 15 stories, followed by five inversions. The park also offers calmer rides for the little ones, plus live shows and a cave to explore.

2. Mountain Coasters
For this type of alpine coaster, tracks are built on the side of a mountain, and riders can control their own speed on the way down with a brake, so the ride is more family-friendly that a typical roller coaster. There are two mountain coasters in Branson to try. The original is found at the Branson Sawmill, which features a 1,000-foot elevation drop plus a free-falling sensation over the course of the ride. The Runaway is the longest and fastest alpine coaster in the area, and can be found at the Branson Mountain Adventure Park.

3. Water Parks
Big kids (and kids at heart) will love White Water, with thrill rides like the Kalani Towers Drop Slides with a 75-foot free fall, and the KaPau Plummet with a 70-degree plunge launched from a drop floor. A top Branson attraction for the little ones is Splash Country, an indoor and outdoor waterpark that’s open year-round featuring a lazy river, a three-level treehouse with a 1,000-gallon tipping bucket, and a variety of water slides.

4. The Skycoaster and The Skyscraper
Located at Track 4 of the Track Family Fun Park, The Skycoaster is a 100-foot swing that combines the feeling of skydiving and hang-gliding into one thrill ride. Strap in and soon you’ll feel like a superhero flying through the air, with a bird’s-eye view of the Ozarks and Branson strip. Over at Track 3, check out The Skyscraper, a bright yellow, 80-foot tower with windmill-like propellers. Riders spin through the air at up to 60 miles per hour, experiencing extreme G-forces and a rush of adrenaline.

5. The BuzzSaw
If a massive, spinning swingset in the air sounds like your idea of fun, then The BuzzSaw is the ride for you. Located at The Branson Sawmill, this 123-foot tower spins at 10 revolutions per minute. Once at the top, riders of all ages can take in the surround view.

Branson Attractions for Tamer Adventures

6. Branson Ferris Wheel
One of the most iconic things to do in Branson, the Ferris wheel is fun for the whole family. Now found at Track 4 of the Track Family Fun Park, the ride used to be located at the Navy Pier in Chicago and was relocated to Branson in 2016. After taking a spin, try the go-karts or bumper cars.

7. Showboat Branson Belle
Take a scenic cruise around Table Rock Lake aboard the Showboat Branson Belle, a 1800s-style riverboat. During the two-hour excursion, explore the ship’s three upper decks, visit the captain, enjoy a three-course meal, and watch a live show complete with singing, dancing, comedy, and magic tricks.

8. Branson Scenic Railway
Embark on a 40-mile round-trip excursion through the foothills of the Ozark Mountains aboard the Branson Scenic Railway. Depending on track conditions, the train either takes a northern route through the Missouri countryside, passing through Galena and the James River Valley, or a southern route into Arkansas and over the Barren Fork Trestle. Along the way, a guide shares fun facts about wildlife, scenery, and historic landmarks.

9. Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure
Walk among thousands of live butterflies in Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure, a Branson attraction perfect for children. Five interactive exhibits offer encounters with different types of wildlife. In the Butterfly Aviary, watch the gentle creatures flying around (some may even land on you), and hand-feed them nectar from flowers. Plus, make friends with other creatures like tree frogs, lizards, and turtles, and navigate your way through an Emerald Forest Mirror Maze.

10. Shepherd of the Hills
Shepherd of the Hills is a reenactment of a novel with the same name, written by Harold Bell Wright in 1907. The story tells of life in the Ozarks in the 1800s, and the live action, led by more than 90 actors, includes a shootout and the burning of a log cabin. Before the show, you can also tour the farm or visit the adventure park for zip lining, miniature golf, a ropes course, and an observation tower with a panoramic view of the area.

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