Club Wyndham Access provides owners with the flexibility to make a reservation at a variety of resort locations within Club Wyndham Access to meet their vacation needs. Instead of a deed to an individual resort, Club Wyndham Access owners receive an ownership certificate for the amount of Club Wyndham Access points purchased. 

As a Club Wyndham Access owner, reservations may be made at any resort that is part of Club Wyndham Access during the Advance Reservation Priority window, 13 to 10 months prior to check-in. All Club Wyndham Access resorts are your “home” resorts. 

There is a blended maintenance fee which is determined based on the amount of inventory from each resort location that is part of Club Wyndham Access. This inventory has a certain maintenance fee associated with it. The various maintenance fees and other expenses associated with Club Wyndham Access inventory are combined, or blended, and then allocated based on the number of points owned by each Club Wyndham Access owner.

Important Information:

  • Club Wyndham Access operates within the Club Wyndham Plus program and offers members access to all of the benefits associated with the program.