Personal Interval Choice (PIC) Express provides CLUB WYNDHAM® Plus members the opportunity to enroll non-CLUB WYNDHAM timeshare week(s) with the value of each week to be applied to their CLUB WYNDHAM VIP status level. This is your chance to repurpose those unused weeks and enhance your ownership experience.

Important Information:

  • The value of the allocated points will only count toward VIP status and do not receive vacation benefits.
  • A maximum of two weeks can be enrolled per member.
  • Weeks enrolled in PIC Plus are subject to an annual verification process.
  • Membership in the PIC Express program expires after five (5) years. Upon expiration or termination, you will no longer receive the VIP benefits provided through this program and the VIP status level will be removed from your account.
  • PIC Express contracts are non-transferable.