When you enroll your eligible non-CLUB WYNDHAM Plus week(s) into PIC Plus, you will be assigned a point value determined by the PIC Plus Allocation Chart shown below. The point value of your enrolled week(s) counts toward VIP eligibility.
PIC Plus Allocation Chart

Each year you can choose one of the following options for your enrolled PIC Plus week(s):

  • Vacation at your non-CLUB WYNDHAM Plus home resort
  • Deposit your week in RCI and make an RCI exchange
  • Deposit your week in RCI and receive CLUB WYNDHAM Plus points

If you choose to exchange your PIC Plus week for points, here’s what you need to do:

  • Contact RCI at least nine months before the start date of your PIC Plus week.
  • Your non-CLUB WYNDHAM Plus resort may require your maintenance fees to be paid prior to approval.
  • Upon approval from your non-CLUB WYNDHAM Plus resort, RCI will send you a Deposit Acknowledgement card to let you know your request is approved.
  • Call the Vacation Planning Center at 800-251-8736 when you receive approval. We will complete the transaction and place the PIC Plus points in your account. An $89 fee will apply for each week you are exchanging. This will be collected after receiving the Deposit Acknowledgement card.

Important Information:

  • There is an $89 non-refundable fee for exchanging a non-WYNDHAM week into CLUB WYNDHAM Plus points.
  • Once points are deposited into your account, the number of points and benefits you have available for CLUB WYNDHAM Plus Standard and Express Reservations, Worldwide External Exchange, PlusPartners, Charitable Gift, and WYNDHAM Club Pass will be increased by the amount of points associated with your PIC Plus Contact for the Use Year chosen.
  • You must be a member of RCI in order to participate in PIC Plus.
  • Each eligible non-CLUB WYNDHAM Plus week must be enrolled in the PIC Plus program to participate.
  • A maximum of two weeks can be enrolled per member.
  • Weeks enrolled in PIC Plus are subject to an annual verification process.
  • PIC contracts are non-transferable.