If you do not have enough points to complete your reservation, we’re pleased to provide you with the option of renting points.

You may rent the additional points needed to complete a reservation in the event that you have some points remaining, but not enough for the vacation you want.

When confirming a Standard Reservation, 10 - 3 months prior to check-in, you may only rent enough points to complete a portion of the last night’s stay. For example, if you request a reservation for five nights but only have enough points for four nights plus a portion of the fifth, you may rent the additional points needed to complete the last night’s stay.

Points are rented at the time the reservation is confirmed and may be done online or by calling the Vacation Planning Center at 800-251-8736. The cost of renting points is $12 per 1,000 points.

Important Information:
  • The amount of points you may rent each calendar year is limited to the amount of points you receive for your annual ownership allocation. Bonus Points and PIC Plus points are not considered part of this total.
  • When a reservation using rented CLUB WYNDHAM Plus points or Housekeeping Credits is cancelled, in accordance with the cancellation policy, you will receive a refund of those fees spent to the original source of payment. This also includes reservations made through WYNDHAM Club Pass®. This applies only to reservations made and canceled after the launch of the upgraded system.
  • Reservations that were made prior to the launch of the upgraded systems that are cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy, will result in the points and Housekeeping Credits being returned to the Use Year of the reservation.