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We’re pleased to offer a VIP Program that provides special benefits to our Members who have 400,000 points or more. In recognition of your ownership status, you receive exclusive benefits and increased value.

Important Information about VIP Membership
  • Your VIP benefits apply only when vacationing at one of our Wyndham-managed resorts.
  • Guests traveling without a CLUB WYNDHAM® Plus VIP Owner present are not eligible to receive VIP benefits during their stay.
  • VIP program benefits are offered to CLUB WYNDHAM® Plus Members allocated at least 400,000 CLUB WYNDHAM Plus points on an annual basis.
  • For Members with Biennial Ownership your VIP membership eligibility is based on half of your biennial allotment of eligible point’s counts toward VIP status.
Exclusive Vacation Planning Benefits CLUB WYNDHAM Silver Owner 
400,000 - 699,999 Points
700,000 - 999,999 Points
CLUB WYNDHAM Platinum Owner 
1,000,000 Points or More
Extra Referral Rewards® (1) 
• Received when your eligible CLUB WYNDHAM Referral joins the CLUB WYNDHAM Plus family.
$300 American Express®Reward Card or 50,000 Wyndham Rewards® points $300 American Express®Reward Card or 50,000 Wyndham Rewards® points $300 American Express®Reward Card or 50,000 Wyndham Rewards® points
Exclusive Toll-Free Reservations Hotline
  • A hotline to the Vacation Planning Center for VIP members.
Yes Yes Yes
VIP ID Card (4)
  • An exclusive VIP membership card.
Yes Yes Yes
Resort Specials Notification
   • Receive advance notification on resort openings, new locations and special offers via email.
Yes Yes Yes
Avis® and Budget® Benefits Package
• Receive complimentary membership in the Avis or Budget Preferred program, and receive special monthly discounts and updates.
No Yes Yes
CLUB WYNDHAM Plus Points Conversion to Maintenance Dollars
  • Receive additional time to convert eligible points to apply towards Maintenance Dollars.
Within the first 6 months of your Use Year Within the first 9 months of your Use Year Anytime within your Use Year
Perks by CLUB WYNDHAM® Renewal
  • Automatically receive free renewal each year.
No Yes Yes
VIPeek (2) 
• Provide valuable feedback on programs and services being considered to enhance the CLUB WYNDHAM ownership experience.
Yes Yes Yes
VIP Merchandise Collection
   • Access to purchase a variety of logoed merchandise to show off your CLUB WYNDHAM VIP status.
Yes Yes Yes
   • Special opportunities throughout the year for last-minute deals and short-term discount provided by some of CLUB WYNDHAM’s partners.
Yes Yes Yes
Annual VIP Cruise (3) 
   • Annual cruise for CLUB WYNDHAM Gold and Platinum Owners
No Yes Yes
Quarterly CEO Updates 
   • Receive a quarterly email from the CEO providing updates from the corner office.
No No Yes


1 Some states limit or prohibit participation in CLUB WYNDHAM Referrals.
2 VIPeek participants are randomly selected.
3 Cruise can only be redeemed through cash and not through use of points. 
4 Subject to availability

*VIP Program Benefits are subject to change without notice.