How To Travel Outside Your Club

Being a Club Wyndham owner comes with a long list of perks, but one of the fan favorites is complimentary membership with the world’s largest travel network, RCI.

Go Beyond Your Resorts

RCI is affiliated with more than 4,200 timeshare resorts worldwide. That means that if the destination you’re looking for isn’t available through Club Wyndham, RCI can help get you there.

Plus, as a member of RCI, you have the flexibility of depositing points, searching availability, and booking reservations online.

Extend The Life Of Your Points

RCI is a great option when your Club Wyndham points are expiring and you missed your Points Deposit window.

You can deposit your points into RCI beginning 10 months prior to your Use Year start date, and up to the last day of your Use Year. A minimum of 1,000 points is required to deposit.

Need to deposit more points than what you currently have available? Combine points from your current and future Use Years to complete your deposit.

Forgot to deposit your points? If you’re an owner with VIP Platinum or Founders status, you’ll have any expired points automatically deposited for you — so you don’t have to do a thing.

Points deposited into RCI are good for two years from the date of deposit, extending the life of your points so you can use them for future bucket listing.

How To Book

No need to write down the RCI website to save for later. Simply log in to your account on and navigate to the Deposits & RCI tab. From there, you’ll be transferred to RCI’s website, where you can search for properties and book.

Other Benefits

In addition to the usual points exchange, you can use your RCI membership to:

  • Give The Gift Of Vacation
    Use your Club Wyndham points to treat family or friends to the full-week vacation they deserve — at no cost to you. Visit to complete the request form.
  • Take A Last-Minute Getaway
    Vacations are available less than six weeks before check-in, with online pricing for a weeklong stay as little as $289. If you’re more of an “early bird gets the worm” kind of person, you can book with RCI up to 24 months in advance of check-in.
  • Add Yourself To The Waitlist
    With RCI’s Ongoing Search feature, you don’t have to keep refreshing your browser. Instead, let RCI search for your dream vacation 24/7 and notify you once a resort match is found. It's a simple, hassle-free way to get what you’re looking for — without even looking.

A Few Reminders

RCI is an exchange partner, and it doesn’t build or manage any properties. Accommodations at the resorts vary in size, services, amenities, and suite features.

Your VIP by Wyndham benefits won’t apply when booking your trips or while on site. The services and amenities will be different, though you may have the ability to book for discounted points through RCI.

Resorts that have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to quality and guest satisfaction are awarded the following designations by RCI:

  • RCI Gold Crown Resort Award: The Gold Crown is granted to resorts that have met or exceeded specific standards in the areas of housekeeping, maintenance, hospitality, and check-in/checkout procedures, as well as an evaluation of resort facilities, amenities, and services.
  • RCI Silver Crown Resort Award: Silver Crown resorts have achieved excellence in providing outstanding vacation experiences. These resorts have met or exceeded standards in housekeeping, maintenance, hospitality, and check-in/checkout procedures.
  • RCI Hospitality Award: These are resorts that maintain high ratings in the check-in/checkout and hospitality categories.
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