Owner Testimonials

Falling in Love with Planning

“Before becoming Club Wyndham owners, we were a family that dreaded vacation planning and because of this, only took a vacation here and there.

From trying to find a decent hotel and attempting to plan activities that would please a family with diverse interests and ages, vacation planning was tiring, stressful, and outright unenjoyable.

Because of this, often we’d end up getting so frustrated that we’d throw our hands up in the air and scrap our plans all together! It got to the point where everyone would get so excited about the idea of vacationing, but as soon as we’d start planning, we’d so get caught up in the details — start to stress about costs, the uncertainty of whether or not the accommodations would be suitable, and if there’d be enough for the family to do — that we’d never get out of the planning phase. This led us to dread the idea of planning vacations, so we’d just end up going nowhere!   

Now, enter Club Wyndham, and our vacationing planning and our feelings about vacations in general, has changed completely. From stressful planning sessions that ultimately led to nothing, to now, as owners, all we need to do is figure out where we want to go, and we can be on our way to an amazing vacation with just a click of a mouse on the laptop.

This newfound vacationing ease has become a freedom we’ve never experienced before, so now when we talk about going on vacation, everyone perks up and is eager to make suggestions for destinations! It’s been so fun that the whole family comes together for a planning party, with everyone happily sharing ideas and dreaming with each other, knowing that we can now make those dreams a reality.

Not only has vacation planning gone from frustrating to fun, we can also have total confidence in our plans, because we know that with our Club Wyndham ownership, our vacation is bound to be a blast! This year we went to Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek in Orlando, Florida. This property was outstanding and exceeded our expectations — it was a city in itself and you could stay exclusively on site without ever having to leave for entertainment!

We even became last-minute vacationers. Whenever we need a quick getaway, we head down the road to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a few days of fun. The most important and valuable way that being Club Wyndham owners has changed our vacationing habits is that it helps us create more opportunities for family time and making new, exciting memories for us to cherish. Also, there is nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every Club Wyndham property is quality, and provides a safe and comfortable environment for our family to unwind. 

Planning has never been easier, and vacations have never been better! Becoming owners with Club Wyndham has been one of the best investments for our family, because we can look forward to new adventures and creating even more memories!”

Tonja Elaine Morello
Raeford, North Carolina

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