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Our Future Bucket List

“When my husband and I turned 65 last year, we decided to make a five-year plan to travel as much as we can with Club Wyndham.

He is still working, but he is self-employed so we can work in a few trips a year."

On our bucket list is a trip to Hawaii. We have been there before, but we look forward to staying on the island of Kauai, at one of the Club Wyndham resorts, enjoying the balmy temperatures and beautiful scenery. We want to do some whale-watching, snorkeling, and see the wildlife in their natural environmental.

We would also like to ski at Steamboat Springs. Maybe we will just watch the skiing and enjoy the spa, hot tub, and mineral springs instead. I hope we would be able to see some wildlife outdoors as well as indoors.

We also love exploring cities, and hope to get a chance to stay at the new Club Wyndham Portland Waterfront Park. We have never visited there, and want to spend some time at the Waterfront Park, the Pearl district, and get a taste of the exciting food scene there.

Another area we would like to visit is the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Thomas, either staying at the Margaritaville resort or the beautiful Bluebeard’s Beach Club. We have heard that is a great one to enjoy the beaches, golf, and snorkeling.

We have never been to Wisconsin, and the resorts around Wisconsin Dells sound interesting, in the summer of course. We are from Alabama, so the cold and snowy winter do not sound like much fun to us. 

The Newport, Rhode Island, area also looks like an interesting place to explore with a lot of history and good seafood close at hand. My husband loves sailing with the sea breeze in his face. I tend to get seasick, so I will let him go sail while I shop. We can pretend we are Newport old-timers as we enjoy a lovely meal at one of the great restaurants.

If we are still able to travel after all that, maybe we will get really adventurous and plan a long trip to New Zealand and Australia. If we can make the long plane trip, we would enjoy seeing the beauty of the islands and people of New Zealand and the diversity of Australia. And of course we would have to make a stop at the Australia Zoo to see the Irwin’s, Crikey!”

Pam Thompson
Hoover, Alabama

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