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Staying Active with Local Adventures

“To find and reach the unimaginable has been our motivation to stay active and continue vacationing with the purpose of discovering paradise in the local tourism. The long walks and the run arounds searching for places have marked our greatest memories on hidden places, just like the beautiful waterfalls surrounded by rocks and nature from the island’s national forest.

On our vacations to Puerto Rico, we stayed at the Margaritaville Vacation Club Rio Mar, right after taking a cruise around the Caribbean. Thanks to our Club Wyndham Access points, we were able to book three separate rooms to accommodate my wife and I, my sister with her husband, and our mom. As soon as we arrived, we quickly traveled to the resort so we could get a sneak peek of where we would be staying after the cruise. On our drive to the resort in Rio Grande, we saw an opportunity to explore the island, instead of relaxing as planned. We were anxious to complete our cruise and start exploring the huge resort and its surroundings.

Finally, we ended up in El Yunque National Forest which was right outside and across the street from the resort for our convenience. Once we realized how beautiful that place was, we could not resist the impulse to keep walking around and climbing towards its precious waterfalls.

It was then, we realized that staying active and looking for places to visit was a great idea. Even if it involved climbing rocks and getting ourselves wet, we wanted to reach those remarkable locations and take pictures to remember them for life.

Ever since our Puerto Rico vacation, we always strive to link up with the locals for recommendations. We learned that the locals can show us hard-to-find places, which usually involves some hiking and a decent amount of walking.

Vacationing has always provided opportunities for us to see different things around. Limiting ourselves to the top attractions had shortened our activity options in the past. However, staying active during vacations and asking around for what else is out there to see has taken us to rare spots that always exceed our expectations.”

Victor A. Colon Ramirez
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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