Owner Testimonials

Vacationing on Active Duty

“My beautiful bride and I have been Club Wyndham owners now for about 2 years.

 I am active duty military and we were hesitant at first to buy Club Wyndham due to rapidly changing life situations that go with being active duty and moving every couple years. "

This year, 2016, we were planning on using our points in the fall for a magnificent 25th-anniversary vacation to Hawaii when the Army changed our plans yet again. Living in Fairbanks, Alaska certainly can complicate travel to a degree. The Army ordered me to go to school in Alabama for 4 months en-route to a 12 month tour in Kuwait. Of course my lovely spouse would be sitting the entire time in Fairbanks. We quickly called up the Club Wyndham operator and they were able to get us a week on Kauai at Club Wyndham Bali Hai Villas in a presidential suite on a 4 week short notice. 

It turned out to be a phenomenal trip and we were able to explore the island visiting the cliffs, enjoying the warm water of the sprawling beaches, kayaking the river up to the falls, and sightseeing the magnificent canyon. Spending that romantic week together with the shadow of the imminent separation looming was exactly why we bought Club Wyndham in the first place. 

I have since arrived in Alabama and my wife will be joining me here for the 4th of July weekend.  Again, Club Wyndham has come through in a pinch and I was able to grab 2 nights in Tennessee at Club Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Glade where we can spend our last weekend together before I am gone on tour for 12 months. 

Club Wyndham has not failed to impress with the ability to fit outstanding opportunities into an active duty military schedule around deployments and moves. Club Wyndham has allowed my lifelong love to spend time with me even when we are facing adverse conditions and long separations. We can come together in terrific facilities and locations, calm our nerves, and focus our thoughts to really enjoy being with each other at the important times. Club Wyndham has truly turned out to be a purchase that has enhanced our life together, and we look forward to many, many more years of making memories.”

Jonathan Harvey
Fairbanks, Alaska

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