Wyndham Quality Advocate Program

The Quality Advocate program was developed with one goal: to enhance the sales experience for all owners.

Owners who are selected are offered the opportunity to participate in the program. You’ll attend an Owner Update session during your vacation, audio record the entire presentation, and then provide information to our third-party vendor about your experience. This entire process typically only takes around two hours to complete. To be eligible, you must have at least one active Club Wyndham ownership and be current on all ownership related fees such as loan, maintenance, and program fees.

If selected, you could receive cash incentives and partial reimbursements of travel expenses for your feedback after attending an Owner Update session. You can participate multiple times a year, however, some restrictions apply. Club Wyndham works with owners who have already booked their travel arrangements to their desired resort, and we also proactively ask our group of qualified Wyndham Quality Advocates to travel to specific resort locations in order to provide feedback.

It takes just three easy steps to become a part of this special program.

  1. Register as a New Shopper. You’ll be sent an email link to complete your registration.
  2. In the demographics section of your registration, be sure to answer "Yes" to the question, "Are you a Wyndham timeshare owner?". This confirms that you are registering as a Wyndham Quality Advocate.
  3. Once registered, you'll receive an email as assignments become available. Please only apply for assignments in which you are interested and if you are selected as a Quality Advocate, the vendor will notify you by email.
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