Become a pro at booking your timeshare

3 Must-Know Booking Basics

You’re a Club Wyndham timeshare owner, which means you’re basically a pro at bucket listing and planning vacations. When you’re ready to book your timeshare vacation at your desired resort, remember these three booking basics.

1. Points

You receive your Club Wyndham points every Use Year if you’re an annual owner, or every other year if you’re a biennial owner. These points will be deducted when you make a reservation. The number of points you’ll need to book your vacation depends on the resort and destination — use the points chart for each resort to calculate the total for your stay. You can find the points chart at the bottom of the resort page after “Room Types.”

2. Housekeeping Credits

When you receive your Use Year points, you’ll also receive housekeeping credits. These credits pay for the cleaning of your suite prior to your arrival. Just like your points, housekeeping credits are deducted from your account when you make a reservation.

You receive one housekeeping credit for every 1,000 points, and you can use them to make the following reservations and transactions:

  • Club Wyndham Reservations
  • Wyndham Club Pass Reservations
  • Worldwide External Exchange Deposits
  • Points Deposit Feature
  • Charitable Gift
  • Converting Points to Wyndham Rewards Points

Put It in Perspective
The amount of housekeeping credits you’ll need is based on the number of days and bedrooms in your suite. Here are a few examples:

  • A 1-bedroom suite for 7 days requires 63 housekeeping credits
  • A 2-bedroom suite for 14 days requires 154 housekeeping credits
  • A 3-bedroom suite for 5 days requires 140 housekeeping credits

Just like your points, your housekeeping credits will expire at the end of your Use Year. You can purchase more housekeeping credits at $2.25 per credit when you book, or you can borrow them from your next Use Year.

VIP Owners
You receive unlimited housekeeping credits as a part of your VIP booking benefits, and there is no charge for housekeeping credits when making a reservation.

Cancellation Policy
Your housekeeping credits and Use Year points share the same cancellation policy. If you cancel a reservation 15 days or more prior to your vacation, then your housekeeping credits will go back to their original Use Year. If you cancel 14 days before or less, then your housekeeping credits will be forfeited.

3. Reservation Transactions

You get one reservation transaction for every 77,000 points. They are deposited to your account on Jan. 1 of each year, and expire on Dec. 31.

A reservation transaction is redeemed when you make specific reservations, deposits, or transactions, such as:

  • Club Wyndham Resort Reservations
  • Worldwide External Exchange Deposits
  • Adventures by Club Wyndham
  • Cruising with Club Wyndham
  • Converting Points to Maintenance Dollars
  • Wyndham Club Pass Reservations

You can purchase additional reservation transactions for $19 when booking online or $39 over the phone. Please note that these purchases are non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy
Reservation transactions are not returned to your account when a reservation is canceled.

It Takes 3 To Vacation

Now that you know how all three booking basics work, use them to book your first vacation! Here are two real-life examples to show you how many points, reservation transactions, and housekeeping credits you will need to complete your reservation.

1. Club Wyndham Skyline Towers, in Atlantic City, NJ.
One week (7 days) in a 1-bedroom suite:

  • 154,000 Points
  • 1 Reservation Transaction
  • 63 Housekeeping Credits

2. Club Wyndham Ocean Walk, Daytona, FL.
Two weeks (14 days) in a 2-bedroom deluxe suite:

  • 308,000 Points
  • 1 Reservation Transaction
  • 154 Housekeeping Credits

If you need help booking or if you have questions, please call your Vacation Guide. They’re your go-to source for navigating your ownership.

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