Club Wyndham Travel: Tips For Calling In

When it comes to booking travel, Club Wyndham Travel offers you the best — the best choices, the best service, and the Best Price Guarantee*. As a Club Wyndham owner, when you need to book a flight, ocean or river cruise, tour, or activity, you know who to call — your full-service owner travel agency.

Since Club Wyndham Travel is exclusively for owners, you can book travel online through your owner website, but sometimes you need a little help from a Travel Advisor, which means a phone call might be the easier option. Next time you need to give Club Wyndham Travel a call, take a peek at this handy pre-call checklist first, to help streamline your service and make sure your Travel Advisor gets all the information they need.

Identify Your Travel Components

Do you need a flight and a rental car to make it to your family reunion in the Berkshires, or maybe you need to book a Caribbean cruise plus flight and airport transfers as a wedding present for your son or daughter. If there are multiple components, it can be helpful for your Travel Advisor to know about all of them up front.

Confirm Your Destination

If you have a very specific destination in mind, it’s a good idea to start with that, but sometimes your starting point is a bit less specific, and that’s ok. For example, lots of owners want to visit Hawaii, but for one owner that might mean they’re calling to book the exact hotel in Lahaina that they honeymooned at 25 years ago, and for others, it might mean they’re first-timers to Hawaii and are looking for recommendations on which island to visit. Both calls are good, but both are different, and the details always matter.

Provide Your Travel Timeline

As with destination, the travel timeline can look very different from one call to the next. Maybe you’re calling because you’ve got to fly to attend a conference on a very specific date, or maybe you’re calling with a flexible date range and are looking for your Travel Advisor to give you pricing on flights for different date options. Give the details up front, making sure to include any dates that won’t work.

Set Your Duration

Is this a weekend getaway, a weeklong stay, or a two-week extravaganza? If a weekend, is it Friday to Sunday or Friday to Monday? For full week or longer trips, do you need to depart and return on a Saturday, or a different day, or does it matter? If you’re flexible, that’s great, but if you’re not, that’s fine too, just make sure to let your Travel Advisor know.

Share Your Vacation Theme

Each vacation is unique, and it’s helpful for your Travel Advisor to know what you have in mind, so they can plan your trip accordingly and give recommendations to make your trip more enjoyable. Are you booking a romantic getaway for two, or a family adventure with the kids or grandkids? Is it a relaxing solo trip, or a friend-cation to celebrate a special event? Whatever the theme, if your Travel Advisor is aware, they can do things like request a bottle of champagne in your hotel room for your anniversary weekend in Vegas, or recommend a more family-friendly hotel close to a theme park for your family’s spring break getaway. Information is key.

Communicate Your Budget

Whether small or large, knowing your travel budget will help your Travel Advisor guide you in the right direction (and get the best bang for your buck). From modest affordability to all-out luxury, your Travel Advisor will work with you to get you what you want at the price you’re comfortable with.

Bonus Pointers

These three details are less critical but still important to share with your Travel Advisor, if relevant.

  • What you liked or didn’t like about previous vacation experiences that may be similar to what you’re calling about.
  • Any travel vendor likes or dislikes, and any travel loyalty programs you’re enrolled in
  • Your dream bucket list vacation, even if it’s not what you’re calling about. If they’re aware, your Travel Advisor can keep an eye out for any future sales or promotions.

When your pre-call checklist is ready, give Club Wyndham Travel a call at 833-987-4503 to speak with a friendly, expert Travel Advisor. From there, it’s straight on to happy travels!

* See Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions

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