New Owner Guide

Secure Your Points with Points Protection

Life is unpredictable. That’s why your cancellation policy returns your points to their current Use Year when you cancel 15 days or more prior to check-in. If you think you’ll need to cancel your reservation less than 15 days before check-in, then consider adding Points Protection to your next reservation.

Keep Your Points Where They Belong

With Points Protection, your points are returned to their Use Year even in the event of a last-minute cancellation. This means that you can cancel a reservation less than 15 days prior to check-in without losing your points — even up to your check-in day.

Points Protection starts at $49, and you can add it to new and existing reservations. You’ll see that it’s automatically selected on the checkout page when you make a new reservation. If you wish to opt-out, simply uncheck it before continuing.

Your points take you to new destinations, deliver new experiences, and give you quality time with the people you love. And that, above all else, is worth saving.

For more information or to purchase Points Protection, call the Vacation Planning Center at 800-251-8736.

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