Borrowing points allows you the opportunity to use all or a portion of your next Use Year of points in the event that you do not have enough points available to make a reservation.

Borrowing points is available when you are booking a reservation during the Express Reservation window, 3 months or less prior to check-in, and points are available in the next Use Year following your check-in date.

Borrowing points to confirm a reservation may be done online or by calling the Vacation Planning Center at 800-251-8736.


Important Information:

  • You may only borrow points, if you need additional points to complete a reservation.
  • You may only borrow Club Wyndham Plus Points from the Use Year following the check-in date of the reservation.
  • If you cancel a reservation using borrowed points, in accordance with the cancellation policy, the points will be returned to the Use Year from which they were borrowed.
  • Biennial owners may borrow points to travel during the years you don’t receive an allotment of points.