Get Started

Looking to list your vacation time for rent? Start by checking the Extra Holidays Owner Rental Participating Resorts List to determine where and what type of suites are needed.

Then, visit the resort page or call the Vacation Planning Center at 800-251-8736 to book an Extra Holidays reservation.

Get Booked

Once you’ve booked, download the Extra Holidays Vacation Listing Agreement. Complete and sign the agreement at least 30 days prior to check-in and follow the instructions for sending it in. For timeliness, it’s best to email your completed listing agreement to

A letter will be sent within 10 days to acknowledge that your listing has been processed and accepted.

Get Paid

The best part is, there are no upfront fees. If the reservation is accepted to the program and if it is successfully rented, you will receive your proceeds within 45 days after the reservation checkout date.

To get started or if you have any questions, call 800-446-1860 Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm EST.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Introducing VacationShare
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  • What is the VacationShare program?

    VacationShare is an online platform that allows owners to rent out their unused vacation time, providing added flexibility. If owners ever choose not to travel, they can list their unused vacation time for rent with VacationShare.

  • Why VacationShare?

    VacationShare has built a global community of trusted vacation clubs and property owners. Many owners find themselves unable to use their vacation time and rely on VacationShare to promote their listings on multiple platforms to enhance the chances of their reservations being rented.

  • How does the VacationShare rental program work?

    The VacationShare rental program offers greater flexibility without any upfront fees. To join VacationShare, owners can visit to set up their account to list their vacation time for rent.

    When a reservation is accepted, the owner will submit a VacationShare Agreement. If the listing is accepted, VacationShare will market it through their distribution channels. If VacationShare successfully places a guest in the unit, the owner, as the host, will receive a 60% share of the net proceeds received from the vacationer, while VacationShare will retain 40% of the net proceeds.

  • Are all timeshare owners eligible to host and participate in the rental program on VacationShare?

    Currently, Club Wyndham owners with active member accounts are eligible to list on VacationShare. Also required to create a host account and list a rental are (1) proof of U.S. residency and (2) proof of a U.S. Social Security Number.

  • What are the listing criteria for listings with VacationShare?

    Listing submitted on VacationShare must meet the minimum requirement of a valid reservation at a participating resort, which can be found on the VacationShare Participating Resorts List, must be booked prior to listing. The listing agreement must be received and accepted by VacationShare at least seven (7) days prior to the arrival date on the reservation.

  • How will owners know if their listing was accepted by the VacationShare rental program?

    Once the listing is accepted, owners will receive an acceptance letter via email. It is important for owners to ensure that their email address is included in their contact information when filling out the VacationShare Listing Agreement. If the owner does not receive the confirmation email, they should check their Spam or Junk email folders.

  • How can owners request a cancellation for their listing?

    If an owner wishes to cancel their listing, they should log into the VacationShare portal to initiate the cancellation process. Their cancellation request will be carefully reviewed by an administrator to ensure compliance with VacationShare policies. At that time the administrator will communicate (via the portal and email) whether the cancellation request has been approved or denied. If any portion of the owner's listing has been rented, the cancellation request will be automatically denied, even if it is only partially booked.

  • Can owners be guaranteed that their reservation will be rented successfully, and that they will receive payment?

    No, there is no guarantee that a reservation will be rented or that the owner will receive payment. To increase their chances, owners should consider the popularity of the location, submit their listing well in advance, and consider the time of year.

  • How can owners increase the likelihood of their listing being rented?

    First, owners should get their reservation in the program early! A reservation that comes in six (6) months before the arrival date is likely to fare better than a reservation that comes one (1) month before.

    Second, consider the popularity of the location. It is likely that if an owner thinks a resort is located at an exciting location, renting customers will, too.

    Third, owners should consider the time of year. A resort may be more popular during seasons, holidays, and special events.

  • How much will owners get paid if their reservation is rented?

    If a reservation is rented, owners will receive 60% of the net proceeds, while VacationShare will retain 40% as its commission. Owners will receive payment info within forty-five (45) days after the reservation checkout date. For additional information, owners should consult the Terms & Conditions of the VacationShare Listing Agreement.

  • Are there any additional fees or expenses that owners will be charged?

    Deductions from the gross proceeds cover a range of potential expenses, including but not limited to: Online Travel Agent (OTA) Commissions, Travel Agent (TA) Commissions, Distribution Channel Fees, Credit Card and Merchant Bank Fees, and Housekeeping Fees. For a detailed understanding of these deductions, owners should review the Terms & Conditions outlined in the VacationShare Listing Agreement.

  • What if a listing is not rented?

    While VacationShare will diligently work to secure a renter for an owner's reservation, it is not guaranteed. If the reservation remains unrented, payment will not be issued.

  • Can an owner receive a portion of their reservation that is not rented?

    No, VacationShare does not return portions of reservations that are not rented. There is a risk associated with listing the reservation for rental, and owners will receive payment based on the nights that are rented.

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