Understanding Points

Wyndham Rewards Conversion Program

Looking for more ways to use your points? You’ve got options. The Wyndham Rewards® conversion program allows you to convert all or a portion of your future Club Wyndham points into Wyndham Rewards points to redeem for travel and leisure opportunities.  

The standard conversion rate is 1,000 Club Wyndham points to 400 Wyndham Rewards points. Only future Use Year points may be converted and must be done so before the Use Year begins.

All Club Wyndham owners can participate in this option. Plus, owners with VIP by Wyndham status receive a couple of additional Wyndham Rewards benefits.

Extended Wyndham Rewards Conversion

  • Owners with Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Founders status can convert a portion of their points within the current Use Year, up to a maximum number of Club Wyndham points.
  • For example, owners with Gold benefits can convert up to 65% of their eligible Club Wyndham points into Wyndham Rewards points, up to 2 months into their Use Year.

Accelerated Wyndham Rewards Conversion

  • Owners with Platinum status receive a 15% accelerator when they convert their points before the start of their Use Year. 1,000 Club Wyndham points convert to 460 Wyndham Rewards points.
  • Owners with Founders status receive a 20% accelerator when they convert their points before the start of their Use Year. 1,000 Club Wyndham points convert to 480 Wyndham Rewards points.

To request to convert your points, call the Vacation Planning Center at 800-251-8736.

Once your points are available in your Wyndham Rewards account, you have access to special member offers, including:

  • Go Free and Go Fast awards – redeem points for free and discounted stays at participating properties around the globe.
  • Many other ways to redeem points, including for airline tickets and restaurant gift certificates.
  • Simple and free enrollment.

Questions about using Wyndham Rewards? Call the Wyndham Rewards team at 866-996-7937 to learn more and explore your options.

Important Information:
  • Qualified points must be Club Wyndham points associated with ownership interests purchased directly through Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. or its affiliates.
  • Only VIP-Eligible Points are eligible for VIP benefits. For more information about VIP eligibility, please click here
  • Bonus Points, PIC Plus points, and points placed into a future Use Year using the Points Deposit Feature are not eligible to be converted.
  • A $99 nonrefundable conversion fee is required.
  • A request to convert Club Wyndham points to Wyndham Rewards points is a final transaction.
  • Wyndham Rewards points expire four years after being posted to the owner’s Wyndham Rewards account unless forfeited or canceled earlier due to membership inactivity.
  • Wyndham Rewards points will be deposited into your Wyndham Rewards account within 10 business days after the start of your next Use Year, or date of transaction for those owners with VIP by Wyndham benefits who qualify to convert their current Use Year points.  
  • The Wyndham Rewards Conversion program is offered by Wyndham Vacation Resorts. Wyndham Rewards is a registered trademark used under license from Wyndham Rewards Inc.
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