The Best Tips for Traveling With Kids

The final days of school are dwindling and it’s been a topic at the dinner table for days. You’re clearing out your inbox and can barely contain your excitement as you look ahead at your calendar and see FAMILY VACATION written in bold. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended trip, traveling with fussy toddlers or stir-crazy teens can be tricky. Check out these three great tips for traveling with kids over winter break — and beyond.

1. Get Them Involved

If your child can talk, make them feel special by getting them involved in the planning process from the very beginning. Have them research destination hot spots and create a wish list of places to go and things to do.

For example, Anaheim and Orlando are resort destinations conveniently located near theme parks, and they're the perfect places for your whole family to “stay and play.” And if skiing is on their bucket list, Smuggler’s Notch is one of the best places for kids to learn their favorite snow sport.

2. Expect the Unexpected

Having a to-do list will definitely keep you organized, but don’t overwhelm yourself with too much planning. Build time into your schedule for plenty of free time, and make a realistic itinerary with enough flexibility for a change of plans. With kids, an unpredictable cold could sneak up or a young adult might sleep in later than usual. Being prepared to switch things up will help keep everyone at peace.

3. Play Around

Prevent boredom like a pro! Break up long road trips or flights by packing boxes filled with snacks for every hour. You can also play games to distract everyone from the trip, like car bingo or creating a road trip scavenger hunt. Plus, download their favorite movies to your devices for watching on-the-go.

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