Travel Smarter: Holiday Photo Tips


3 Tips For Taking Amazing Holiday Vacation Photos

Capturing memorable photos and videos is synonymous with traveling. It’s the way we reminisce about the spectacular views, thrilling activities, and moments of togetherness during our vacations. As the holiday season ramps up, many of us will travel to reunite with family and friends that we haven’t seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, travel for the first time in months — or both! This will heighten the need to have our smartphones and digital cameras ready to work overtime.

I quickly found that out as I visited Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas Holiday Suites by Club Wyndham at Club Wyndham Nashville. We’ve partnered with the network, known for its widely popular holiday movies, to deck out a suite at that Tennessee resort as well as a suite at Club Wyndham Midtown 45 in New York and Club Wyndham Resort at Avon in Colorado.

So as I stepped through the wreath-covered door of the Nashville suite and was greeted by peppermint and gingerbread scents of the season — I immediately pulled out my smartphone. And if you have an upcoming holiday stay planned at one of the Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas Holiday Suites by Club Wyndham or another one of our resorts, we want to see your photos! Just include @clubwyndham or #clubwyndham when you post.

But before you start snapping away, check out three tips that will have you musing over those images time and time again, plus earn plenty of hearts and thumbs up on your social feeds.

1. Lock Down The Focus

When it comes extreme lighting or motion, which is typically the go-to combination during the holidays, lock down the focus on your smartphone or digital camera. To do this, find the auto exposure/auto focus lock (AE/AF-L) feature before taking pictures rather than letting your device autofocus.

In addition to twinkling illuminations and movement, locking the focus is great when dealing with subjects that match the background. So if you’re planning on capturing the ultimate family photo with everyone in matching pajamas that blend in with the decorations — avoid autofocus! The focus lock will help guarantee that the camera is concentrated on the specific point that you want to stand out in the picture.

2. Don’t Zoom, Get Close

Maybe you’re planning to bring a few decorations with you while spending the holidays at a Club Wyndham resort. If you want a snapshot of a specific ornament you’ve placed in the living room or one of the candles on the Hanukkah Menorah in the suite’s dining room table — get close instead of zooming in.

We’ve all done it at some point, stand back and zoom in on people or objects before taking a photo. This typically results in grainy or pixelated pictures. Now if you’re attempting to capture a wider view or various subjects within a frame, it’s perfectly fine to be further away to take those pictures.

3. Change The Perspective

It’s amazing how an unexpected angle or view can add a bit of artistic flair to any photo. Some of us look to filters to up the ante when posting images on our social feeds, but changing the perspective on your smartphone or digital camera actually gives more depth — literally!

Taking photos from unique or unexpected angles creates an illusion of depth or height. Consider snapping pictures from below subjects, which can produce amazing photos for things like colorful fruits and vegetables on your decorated Kwanzaa table or that perfectly-placed mistletoe.

I hope that these three tried and true photo tips lead to even more images filling your social feeds, and plenty of likes and glowing comments from friends and families. Our team can’t wait to see your holiday pics! So whether you’re staying at a Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas Holiday Suites by Club Wyndham or another Club Wyndham resort this holiday season — be sure to add @clubwyndham or #clubwyndham when you post.

Happy Holidays!

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