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Make Planning Your Summer Vacation a Breeze

You might still be wearing layers and warming up with steaming cups of tea, but your mind has already skipped ahead and started planning a summer getaway — and you definitely should. Still, with all of the logistics that go into planning, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the details. These four tips will help you stay energized for your summer adventure.

Don’t Pick the Most Popular Location

According to annual travel lists, many of the top-rated spots will be packed with tourists and expensive gimmicks. Start by asking your friends, family, and coworkers for their recommendations. New perspectives could jump-start your mindset to look for more unexpected destinations.

Get Transportation out of the Way

Reserving your resort and flights early on will save you money and give you a peace of mind. Get airfare alerts emailed to you from your favorite booking sights and try to plan at least six weeks in advance for the cheapest prices. Once you get those details scheduled, the rest is smooth sailing.

Crowdsource Recommendations

After you know where you’re going, research the area to find the must-see sites, landmarks, dining hot spots, and pockets of culture. Join some of the local social media groups, or simply post online and ask for food and activity recommendations. Or, check out what others have done on Pinterest. Don’t forget to call your resort to see what perks and amenities are offered. Just because you’re heading to the beach doesn’t mean there aren’t other fun ways to occupy your time.

Stay Flexible

What good is a summer vacation if you overextend yourself by filling every waking moment with prearranged activities? Take at least one day to explore the city without an itinerary. You might stumble upon new places.

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