CLUB NEWS | MARCH 18, 2024

The Scoop On Timeshare Owner Priority Reservations

Timeshare Owner Priority Reservations give priority to owner usage at club resorts during high demand periods. You, as a timeshare owner, should have priority over non-owners and guests at your club resorts. In order to protect the usage rights of owners, and to preserve owner access to peak reservation periods, guest reservation limits during high-demand times were put in place.

Timeshare Owner Priority Reservation Rules

All club resorts have been assessed to determine what the peak travel times are for that individual destination. Those dates have been used to create a calendar of Timeshare Owner Priority Reservations, which means that during those dates owner usage will be prioritized and usage by non-owners and guests will be limited.

Here are the Timeshare Owner Priority Reservation rules:

  • All owners, regardless of ownership tier or number of points owned, will be limited to two guest reservations per calendar year during the owner priority period. These two guest reservations will require use of a “Guest Allowance.” Guest Allowances are separate from Guest Confirmations. 
  • Each guest reservation during the owner priority period will require one Guest Allowance, regardless of suite size, length of stay, or number of guests traveling on the reservation. 
  • Reservations that require use of a Guest Allowance will also require a Guest Confirmation. 
  • Guest Allowances can’t be purchased. Each ownership will receive two per calendar year. 
  • If a reservation is canceled in accordance with the club’s cancellation policy, the Guest Allowance will be returned to the owner’s account. 
  • Any unused Guest Allowances will expire at the end of the calendar year. Guest Allowances will be renewed on the first of the calendar year, every year. 
  • If a reservation that is utilizing a Guest Allowance is changed to an owner reservation prior to check-in, the Guest Allowance will be returned to the owner’s account. 
  • If an owner and guest are traveling together to the same resort and have at least one overlapping night, no Guest Allowance is required (Guest Confirmation rules still apply). 

These rules ensure that owners who want to bring along friends and family during peak times will be able to do so, while prohibiting excess usage and/or owners renting out reservations during high-demand periods. Your owner website is up-to-date, and will reflect Guest Allowance allotment and usage on your Benefits Summary page. It will also show Timeshare Owner Priority Reservations requirements during the booking process and on your Reservation Summary, so you will know at a glance which of your reservations are scheduled during owner priority times.

To view the priority calendars, by resort, for the current and following booking years, visit the Timeshare Owners Priority Reservations page. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers, to help you better understand Timeshare Owner Priority Reservations and the intent behind the rules.

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