Resort News | February 19, 2020

A Timeshare Owner's Guide to ARDA

ARDA promotes the growth and development of the timeshare industry in a variety of ways. Learn more about the organization and its initiatives to protect owners, plus how you can support its efforts.


Established in 1969, American Resort Development Association (ARDA) is a Washington D.C.-based industry trade association that represents the resort industry through lobbying, consumer advocacy and the ARDA-Resort Owners’ Coalition (ARDA-ROC). The organization is actively involved in local, state, and national governmental affairs, and monitors regulatory issues that affect timeshare.


The ARDA-ROC organization:

  • Supports strong timeshare rental, resale, and transfer consumer protection laws, which protect owners by holding companies that use deceptive business practices accountable for their actions.
  • Continues to defend against potential onerous timeshare tax legislation for owners all across the country.
  • Supports non-judicial foreclosure legislation which enables both owners and homeowners’ associations to save time and money, should the need arise.
  • Works to protect your privacy to ensure your personal information is not shared with third parties for commercial purposes, unwanted solicitation, or fraudulent activity.
  • Supports studies and research conducted through ARDA’s International Foundation to support ARDA-ROC's legislative positions.

ARDA-ROC membership is comprised of more than 1.6 million timeshare owners, and is funded solely through the voluntary contributions of owners and resort homeowners’ associations.

ARDA-ROC revenues are dedicated to engaging attorneys and government affairs professionals to represent timeshare owners’ interests in city halls, state legislatures, and in Congress. These efforts support strong timeshare rental, resale, and transfer consumer protection laws, which protect owners.

To help ARDA-ROC continue to protect and strengthen our investment as owners, we encourage all owners to voluntarily contribute $10 to ARDA-ROC along with your annual assessment.

Contributions to ARDA-ROC are not deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

To learn more about what legislative initiatives ARDA-ROC is actively monitoring in your state, visit    

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