Channel Your Vacation Spirit

Next time you vacation at one of your resorts, turn on your suite’s TV and tune in to Destinations Station on channel 1. Destinations Station is your new Club Wyndham in-suite channel, connecting you to travel tips, owner stories, and vacation inspiration from your club. Watch this trailer for a sneak peek.

Destinations Station will be updated throughout the year to keep things fresh and exciting, and you can always count on it to inspire and delight. Here are five things to lookout for on Destinations Station right now.

1. A Packing Tip To Remember

Vacations Unpacked with Melody makes an appearance — and this time she’s helping you make space in your suitcase with this versatile packing staple. More room in your bag means more room for those must-have souvenirs.

2. Your Next Bucket List Destination

You’re on vacation — but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about the next. Keep an eye for three lively cities that would be perfect for that next trip. Here’s a hint: you can bet on family fun at this desert oasis of good times.

3. What’s On The Menu

After working up an appetite after a full day of adventures, Destinations Station has you covered with recipes you can make right in your suite’s kitchen. Follow along as this Florida chef makes one of her signature salads, then wash it all down with a margarita.

4. The Latest Resort News

Whether it’s renovations or new dots on the map, Destinations Station gives you an inside look at the latest resort news. And this time, it’s a doozy. Think 20+ ways to expand your bucket list big.

5. The Owner Perspective

From vacation photos to interviews, your fellow owners know how to vacation — and they’re here to help. Find out their favorite places to celebrate the holidays, then see how they’re getting back on vacation safely. 

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