In-Room Update: Brew Magic

Your Club Wyndham resort suites have you covered with all the comforts of home — and then some. And soon, your suite’s coffee will be updated. Start the day with a fresh cup of coffee from Lavazza, your new in-room brew beginning March 8, 2021. Your family and friends can all enjoy Lavazza coffee from the comfort of your Club Wyndham resort suites. It’s certain to put a skip in your step as you set out on bucket-list adventures and explore your vacation destination.

Lavazza’s history is as rich and unique as the coffee it blends. The company’s been crafting some of the world’s most desired flavors since 1895. Since that time, four generations of the Lavazza family have devoted their lives to the pursuit of coffee perfection — transforming the company from a small grocery store into a worldwide coffee leader. Today’s company is still very true to his founder, Luigi Lavazza, maintaining the spirit for continuous improvement and innovation. You can look forward to over 120 years of Italian craftsmanship in every steaming cup — here’s how.

Prep Steps:

1. Fill the water tank with water.

2. Rinse the brew basket with warm water.

3. Insert the coffee filter.

Brew Magic:

4. Pour entire pre-packaged coffee into the filter for a 10-12 cup pot. Use half of the pre-packaged coffee for half a pot.

5. Insert brew basket into the brewer.

6. Press the brew button and wait for coffee to finish brewing.

7. Sip, sip hooray! Enjoy your fresh cup.

Clean Scene:

8. Discard the used coffee grounds and filter.

9. Rinse the brew basket and place it back in the machine.

10. Clean the coffee carafe.

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