Resort News | October 15, 2020

Leave Housework At Home

Your Housekeeping Credits just got a refresh. With these updates you won’t have to worry about your length of stay or size of suite. You simply need 1 Housekeeping Credit plus your points per reservation. Here’s how it works:

You’ll receive 1 Housekeeping Credit per 70,000 points annually at the start of your Use Year. These Housekeeping Credits will only be needed when you book a reservation through Club Wyndham or Wyndham Club Pass — you won’t need Housekeeping Credits for exchanges, points deposits, or charitable gift donations.

Currently VIP with unlimited Housekeeping Credits? 

Great! You will retain the unlimited Housekeeping Credits benefit even after the launch of the new VIP by Wyndham program. 

Not VIP yet? 

You can still step your game up if you join VIP by Wyndham after the launch in November 2020 and benefit from additional VIP Housekeeping Credits.

In addition to the annual award of Housekeeping Credits, owners with VIP by Wyndham benefits will receive the following supplemental allotment based on their tier level:


A Few Housekeeping Pro Tips

  • If you run out of Housekeeping Credits, you may complete your reservation by purchasing additional credits for $175 per credit at the time of booking. 
  • Need to change your plans? Housekeeping Credits are returned to the Use Year from which they came or original source of payment if purchased, when a reservation is canceled in accordance with the cancellation policy. 
  • Housekeeping Credits cannot be borrowed.
  • Any unused Housekeeping Credits will expire at the end of your Use Year.
  • Legacy VIP members will continue to receive unlimited Housekeeping Credits.
  • For biennial contracts, Housekeeping Credits will be allocated on the years you receive your points.
  • Housekeeping Credits cannot be applied toward additional suite cleanings during your stay.
  • Previously awarded Housekeeping Credits have been adjusted at the new rate of calculation. Any previously booked reservations have been adjusted in your account as well.
  • Any borrowed Housekeeping Credits were deducted from the appropriate Use Year.
Have questions about Housekeeping and your account? Find answers from your club.

Be on the lookout! These Housekeeping Credits are rolling out in November 2020.

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