Resort News | May 16, 2019

Dream Bigger. Dive Deeper. Explore Farther.

Thank you for your feedback.

Your new VIP program, Privileges, was announced earlier this year. Privileges is designed for the most valued owners, and your opinion matters when it comes to its development. Based on your feedback, changes were made to align with your needs.

When Privileges launches in late 2020, the tiers will have new names and points values to help create a better overall experience, and reflect the aspirational nature of the VIP members. There will be a total of five tiers, including two all-new levels providing more ways for you to maximize your ownership with Club Wyndham.* Here’s what your new tiers will look like:

300,000 to 499,999 points

500,000 to 799,999 Points

800,000 to 1.099 Million Points

1.1 million to 1.399 Million Points

1.4 Million Points and Up

The Champion, Ambassador, and Legend tiers will have new points values after Privileges launches. Current VIP owners will retain their VIP status in the equivalent tier in Privileges . As an example, if you are Silver today you’ll be Champion in the new program. With the addition of two new tiers — Advantage and Founders — the points structure will adjust to align with the vacation preferences of VIP owners.

Get ready for a reimagined VIP program with more ways to 
dream big, explore far, and adventure always.

*Privileges and its associated benefits are currently in development, anticipated to launch in late 2020, and subject to change. Program rules apply.

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