Resort News | April 7, 2021

How To Use Your New Resort Wristbands

Ready to go hands-free on your next vacation? The new resort wristbands, at most resorts, allow you to do just that. On your next vacation, you’ll see a revamped check-in experience at your resorts and will be given a resort wristband that will make your vacations more carefree (and hands-free) than ever before. These fun RFID bands let you do four important things.

4 Ways To Use Your New Resort Wristbands
1. Unlock Your Suite Door

These courtesy wristbands act as a convenient key to your suite.* After checking in at the front desk, you’ll be able to choose your wristband design, activate it at a kiosk in the lobby, and get your vacation started. When you arrive at your suite, simply hold your wristband to the card reader to unlock the door.

2. Access Resort Amenities

Resort wristbands give you the ability to access resort amenities with a tap of the wrist. Depending on which resort you stay at, you’ll use it to enter pools, playgrounds, fitness centers, and more. And don’t worry about getting it wet — your wristband is totally waterproof.

3. Get Local Deals & Discounts

By wearing your wristband around town, you have access to exclusive deals and discounts at local stores at eateries by simply showing your band. You can pick up a list of participating merchants from the concierge desk or see the complete list here, then take advantage of savings on site and in the local area.

4. Showcase Your Vacation Status

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or simply enjoying summer break, your wristband lets others know why you’re vacationing with unique designs to choose from. Plus, since the wristband is yours to keep, you’ll go home with a collectible souvenir. Win-win.

* Functionality may vary by resort.

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