Ownership & Contract Types

Biennial Ownership

Life gets busy. And you need flexibility. As a biennial owner, you get points every other year. Plus, the ability to book at your “home” resort up to 13 months in advance. 

Need variety? Reservations can be made for any Club Wyndham resort location up to 10 months in advance online or by calling the Vacation Planning Center.

While you only receive points in specific years, you are not limited to traveling only in the year you receive points. You can also rent or borrow points, allowing you to continue to experience flexibility with your vacation ownership when you need a quick getaway in an off year.

Important Information:
  • Points are allocated either every even year or every odd year. To find your specific Use Year, please visit the My Ownership page on your dashboard.
  • Future Use Year’s points are available for ARP reservations at your “home” resort up to 13 months before the Use Year Start Date.
  • You may book a minimum of three nights and up to 14 nights on one reservation with no more than seven nights of the reservation going into the next booking window.
  • To determine VIP eligibility, half of your biennial allocation of points count toward your VIP by Wyndham status and tier.
  • As a biennial owner, you are billed half the annual maintenance fees on your points each year so the payment is spread over two years.
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