RCI Auto Deposit Feature

You’re a vacation pro. A connoisseur of travel. In a perfect world your year is jam-packed with awesome adventures throughout the world, and every point is used and accounted for with lots of lasting memories from your travels.

But life happens. Sometimes things get in the way, and bucket list trips have to be put on hold. But your unused points don’t have to go to waste. You can still save them for future vacations using the Points Deposit Feature or by depositing them into RCI.

And if you’re a Club Wyndham owner with Platinum or VIP by Wyndham Founders benefits, you have an extra layer of safety for your points. If you forget to make your deposit before the end of your Use Year hits, that’s okay. Any unused, expired points will be deposited into RCI on your behalf, where they will be available for two more years of vacationing through RCI.

Important Information:

  • RCI is a great way to travel the world when the destination you’re looking for isn’t available through Club Wyndham, and is affiliated with more than 4,200 timeshare resorts worldwide.
  • Points auto-deposited into RCI for owners with VIP by Wyndham Platinum or Founders status will become available up to 30 days after their Club Wyndham expiration date.
  • Points deposited into RCI are good for two years from the date of deposit.
  • PlusPartners® members with an RCI® exchange affiliation have the additional benefit of participating in the RCI Nightly Stay program. This program allows you to book nightly reservations at many RCI-affiliated resorts, instead of reserving a full-week stay.
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