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4 Ways to Break Out of Your Vacation Rut

You’ve found yourself drawn to the same places over and over again, and for good reason — your favorite restaurants, sites, and shops almost feel like a second home by now. But shaking things up is part of what makes traveling such a gift. There’s plenty to see out there, so why not break out of your usual comfort zone? If you’ve found yourself in a vacation rut, try heading somewhere opposite of what you’re used to.

Make Some Noise in a City

Peace, quiet, and a remote escape might be your go-to. What if you exchanged hiking trails for the concrete jungle? The busy streets, sights, and sounds of a metropolis might seem overwhelming at first, but the change in scenery could give you a new appreciation for cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. Each has diverse food scenes, history, and culture that you wouldn’t find among rolling hills.

Wind Down with Nature

You’re always in search of the next adventure, so the idea of a cabin in the woods and limited cell phone service might have you wanting to run for the nearest crowded cafe. If you took the time to recharge yourself, you’d be surprised at how quickly your mind declutters, clearing space for new ideas and a refreshed perspective. Find your nearest mountain in locations like Pagosa Springs and Steamboat Springs in Colorado.

Add Salt to Your Breeze

When was the last time you got up early to watch the sunrise over an ocean, or kicked back and did absolutely nothing? Now’s your chance. Salty air and gentle rolling waves like the ones in Fort Lauderdale and Myrtle Beach might help you dial things back and appreciate the stillness of the moment.

Explore Culture in Uncharted Territories

It might be hard to imagine coming back from vacation without a handful of seashells to add to your collection. Still, just as the tides shift, you might appreciate how quickly you flow into a change of pace. Places like Taos and Austin will awaken a new energy of excitement with their unique culture and history.

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