The 5 Classic Must-Snap Tourist Photos

Smile for the camera. Whether it’s mimicking statues or striking yoga poses, some vacation photos can be a little cheesy or cliché. But they hold a special place in your heart anyway. Classic tourist photos can be some of the most cherished in your travel album. They’re the essence of the vacation state of mind — and that’s something to celebrate. So snap away. In honor of National Tourist Appreciation Day on May 6, we’ve rounded up a few classic tourist photo styles that most shutter bugs can’t seem to resist taking. Have a classic tourist photo of your own? Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram using #ClubWyndham.

1. Jump For Joy

Sometimes you just have to take to the sky. Not even gravity can rain on your parade — you’re having a blast no matter what. With a joy-filled jump and a well-timed snap, you can easily recreate this classic tourist photo from any bucket list destination. Bonus points for trying it in front of the Seven Magic Mountains, just outside Vegas.

2. Rockin’ Selfies

Anywhere you travel, it seems there’s a perfect rock to sit on to snap that scenic selfie. It’s a great shot for the adventurous vacationer. Recreate this look at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, or find a new colorful rock to call your own. Just be safe about it and don’t climb anywhere dangerous.

3. Stranger Snaps

Friendly strangers are a tourist photographer’s best friend. That special family vacation photo just isn’t the same without a member of your family missing. Don’t be shy, just ask. Chances are they’ll be happy to help. In this day and age, remember to wipe down your phone or camera with disinfectant before and after to keep things safe for everyone.

4. Twinning

From matching family shirts to slightly more subtle coordinating patterns, dressing alike makes for a fun, affectionate vacation photo. Sure it’s cliché, but it’s also super cute. Embrace your inner tourist and try it out on your next trip. Those neon souvenir shop T-shirts are begging to be worn.

5. One With Art

Whether it’s a statue, sculpture, sign, or mural, tourists love reenacting, striking a pose, or inserting themselves in the story. Think painted wings spreading out from behind you on a mural wall — anything you can have fun with. If you want to recreate this photo at Club Wyndham Austin in Texas, this 3-D “Wyndham” sign is right outside.

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