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Bug Fixes:
  • Instant Upgrades Error: An error message when multiple options are available for an instant upgrade has been identified and corrected. Summer vacation, here you come!

  • Monthly Availability Calendar: A “Something Unexpected” error preventing both the resort and corresponding monthly calendar from loading correctly has been resolved.


Your club is continuously working behind the scenes to address your feedback and resolve technical issues. As the website evolves, please share your comments via the “Give Feedback” tab on the right-hand side.

Need help registering, finding availability, modifying reservations, or joining a resort’s waitlist? Head to the Navigating Your Website page for videos that show you how to do it all, step-by-step.


Other recent updates:
  • 4/24
  • 4/11
  • 3/22
    • Waitlist - Unable to book offered waitlist for Guest: An issue where booking a waitlist and selecting the guest as a traveler in the initial reservation flow impacting the ability to finalize the reservation has been identified and resolved.

    • Points Deposit Feature: An issue was found last December when attempting to complete a Club Wyndham points deposit on the final day of the use year. It has been resolved and the points corrected in impacted accounts.

  • 2/23
    • Timeshare Owner Reservation Priority benefits are now visible online when in use during the booking process.

    • The benefits summary tab of the owner dashboard will show Timeshare Owner Priority Reservations allowances available. The history listed will display when an allowance was used for a reservation or refunded due to a cancellation.

    • Members can now choose Managed, Non Managed, or any inventory available when submitting the Waitlist request forms.

    • Members can now decide between points charts for resorts where associations may vary in their rates.

    • The two previous bullets will reflect in the waitlist match offer and reservation confirmation information.

    • Existing length of stay requirements (minimum and maximum nights) determined by season are now system supported in Waitlist requests. Supporting length of stay by season for the dates you are requesting. Previously, you could only pick a minimum of 3 and up to a maximum of 14 nights regardless of resort/season booking policies.

    • Seven (7) night minimum stays for applicable resorts are now system supported in Waitlist requests.

    • Existing check in day requirements are now system supported in Waitlist requests.

    • These resorts are now available to Waitlist appropriately: Club Wyndham Resort at Avon, Club Wyndham Ocean Ridge, Club Wyndham Smugglers' Notch Vermont®, Club Wyndham Harbortown Point, Club Wyndham Fairfield Harbour, Club Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Mountains, Club Wyndham Villas at Fairfield, Club Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Sapphire Valley.

  • 1/15
    • Owners can now make modifications to waitlist requests online without needing to cancel the current request and create a new one.

    • No more typing everything in to the search bar, just click the “Back to Search Results” button and the previous results will be shown.

  • 12/20
    • Members have the ability to modify their waitlist request directly on their website when the status is an Active Request (no match made).

    • Members can now also complete modifications to a Waitlist where a match has been offered.

    • The “Back to Search Results” button allows owners exploring available inventory online to click into the individual resort landing pages for further research and to click back to their search results without losing data in the process.

    • Members can now submit a waitlist request for studio suites.
    • Members can now confirm reservations when modifying and adding Points Protection.
  • 11/20
    • Timeshare Owner Reservation Priority benefits are now visible online when in use during the booking process.

    • Timeshare Owner Priority Guest Allocation usage will now be available on the Benefits Summary page. In addition, reservations during Priority times will have the added label of “Timeshare Owner Priority” so Members can see which reservations may or may not be using a guest allowance.


  • 10/26
    • When entering dates into search fields from the Dashboard or Search Resorts tab, the dates entered are now retained, reducing the number of times dates need to be entered and producing results initially requested if available.


  • 10/13
    • You can now search and view availability for your favorite Wyndham Club Pass resorts online — and when you find the perfect suite, simply call a Club Wyndham Vacation Guide to book your reservation. This is just the beginning, future enhancements anticipated in late 2023 will allow you to search and book that resort all online.
    • Let your website handle the vacation search for you. When your desired resort and travel window isn’t available, you can now submit a waitlist request. Once you are matched, you will be notified to book that dream vacation. There will be a $25 fee to complete the reservation if you decide the match is right for you.
    • Your vacations are important. And your owner reservations continue to be prioritized at some of the most desired resorts during popular travel times. Your website will keep you up to date on which resorts are being prioritized for you. Remember, you can also send loved ones on a dream vacation of their own up to two times per year. 2024 Dates Now Available!
  • 9/19
    • When declining points protection for a reservation there will be an additional confirmation step to confirm the decline.
    • Now able to toggle between member numbers on the owner website.


  • 7/23
    • Fix for Club Wyndham Ocean Boulevard mislabeling tower issue.
    • On selecting the Cancel Reservation button in the cancel pop up screen from the dashboard the error message has been resolved.
    • Points Protection can now be added while modifying a reservation.
    • Club Wyndham resort pages were showing ineligible booking message and is now resolved.
    • PayPal payments are being refunded when cancelling reservations online.
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