Points, Reservation Transactions, & Housekeeping Credits

Let’s start with your Use Year. This is the 12-month period you have to use your Club Wyndham points. Your points are deposited into your account every year on the start of your Use Year, which may be Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, or Oct. 1, depending on when you purchased. As you use your points for resort reservations or other benefits, they are deducted from your total. It’s important to use all of your points before the end of your Use Year as any points remaining in your account at the end of your Use Year will expire.

Club Wyndham points are your vacation currency and are used to pay for the resort accommodations you request. The amount of points you need will vary based on the resort you choose, the suite size, your length of stay, and the season your reservation falls into. Every resort has a points chart to indicate how much you’ll need to spend for your vacation.


Housekeeping Credits are allocated along with your Use Year points. You receive one (1) Housekeeping Credit for every 1,000 points you own. These credits are used for cleaning and preparing your suite prior to your arrival. The amount you’ll need will depend on the suite size and length of stay you’ve reserved. Additional Housekeeping Credits can be purchased for $2.25 per credit.


Reservation Transactions are awarded each calendar year. You receive one (1) Reservation Transaction per every 77,000 points you own. A Reservation Transaction is required each time you reserve a resort, make an internal or external exchange (Wyndham Club Pass, RCI), book a cruise or Adventures tour using points, or convert points to maintenance dollars. Like points, they are deducted from your account as you use them. Like Housekeeping Credits, you can always purchase more if you need them ($19 online, $39 over the phone).


Understanding the Points Chart