Your Club Pass Benefit Keeps Getting Better

Wyndham Club Pass is like the cherry on top of a really delicious ice cream sundae. The sundae is tasty on its own, but that bright red cherry is a bonus that can take your dessert up a notch or two. Wyndham Club Pass does that for your Club Wyndham ownership, too. You’ve already got the ice cream sundae (more than 100 fabulous Club Wyndham resorts), but access to more than 95 WorldMark by Wyndham resorts is the bonus, the cherry on top, the thing you didn’t know you needed until your cousin decided to get married on an Oregon Coast beach. And you don’t have to enroll, sign up, or opt in — it’s just a benefit of your ownership.

What Makes Club Pass Unique?

Having access to a whole other network of resorts can really come in handy, especially since many of the WorldMark resorts are in areas where Club Wyndham doesn’t have a resort presence, like Canada, Mexico, and Fiji. Your list of vacation destinations just keeps getting bigger.

And taking advantage of the Club Pass benefit keeps getting easier — You can now search and book Club Pass resorts online, using the same easy process you use to search and book your Club Wyndham resorts. For more information, check out these step-by-step instructions for booking Club Pass resorts online.

Now is the perfect time to book a spring getaway. Search availability at any Club Pass resort, and when you’re ready to book, simply call the Vacation Planning Center at 833-595-2113 and ask for a Wyndham Club Pass representative. Happy travels!

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