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  • How can I keep my points safe at this time?

    Club Wyndham has extended multiple options for you to save your points. You can use the Points Deposit Feature to deposit current Use Year points into your next Use Year or two Use Years from now. You can also choose to deposit points into RCI, extending them for two more years of travel with RCI. Additionally, you can convert your next Use Year points into Wyndham Rewards points. Visit the “Your Points are Safe" page for more details.

  • How is Club Wyndham deciding which resorts to reopen?

    Club Wyndham is closely monitoring state and local orders and conditions to determine the right time to reopen each resort, and will continue to reopen them on an individual basis.

  • What is Club Wyndham doing to ensure owners are able to book at the destinations they want?

    Throughout the reopening process, Club Wyndham has prioritized owner reservations over all other reservation types. As resorts continue to reopen, the Club team will do its best to accommodate as many owner reservations as possible, prioritizing those made furthest in advance.

  • How will I know if my upcoming reservation has been impacted?

    Club Wyndham will notify you via email if you have a reservation that will be impacted due to COVID-19. Your reservation will be cancelled for you – you do not need to take any action. Your vacation points, housekeeping credits, and reservation transaction(s) will be returned to your account within 72 hours.

    Club Wyndham would love to help you book a future vacation and provide personalized travel suggestions for your next trip. Provide details about your upcoming travel plans, and the Club will reach out to help get you on your next vacation.

  • What will happen if my guest confirmation is cancelled?

    If your guest confirmation is cancelled due to COVID-19, your vacation points, housekeeping credits, reservation transaction(s), and any other fees associated with the reservations will be returned to your account within 72 hours of cancelation. Guest confirmations will only be returned for canceled reservations at resorts beginning to accept arrivals as of May 26, 2020.

  • When can I expect to send a guest on vacation?

    As Club Wyndham continues its reopening efforts, owner reservations are being prioritized over all other reservation types. Beginning June 15, 2020, additional occupancy was opened, and owners’ guests are being welcomed back at resorts where there is availability.

  • Will pools and other amenities be open as resorts open?

    Pools may be opened only if the resort can regulate pool capacity to promote social distancing and there are no local regulations prohibiting pool use. Also, splash pads, lazy rivers, spas, kiddie pools, or other bodies of water may remain closed at some properties due to the inability to promote social distancing. Please reference the list below of resorts now open to find your desired resort’s current pool status. If it does not show as “Pool temporarily closed” or “Pool undergoing renovations” it is open and ready for you to enjoy. To find the most up-to-date information about resort amenities and closures, please visit the resort page under the Resort Amenities section.

  • Am I required to wear a face mask at Club Wyndham resorts?

    Facial coverings or face masks are required by certain local or state orders and must be worn in all public places, including public areas within select resorts. Please visit your resort page to see if it is in an impacted area. If impacted, please be sure to bring your facial covering(s) or mask(s) in order to comply.

  • What are some social distancing protocols undertaken at the resorts currently?

    Along with the heightened cleaning and sanitation procedures, social distancing protocols have been implemented for your safety. Gatherings in areas such as check-in desks, lobbies, and elevator bays will be minimized. Furniture in common areas will be spaced out to keep guests at safe distance from each other. Amenities such as spas, restaurants and bars, game rooms, activity centers, and business centers will be temporarily closed in order to practice safe social distancing measures. Find more information about how your resorts are Vacation Ready.

  • Will there be enhanced cleaning at the resorts?

    We have implemented enhanced cleaning protocols and disinfecting measures, including the use of hospital-grade, virus-killing products approved by the CDC and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Other enhanced measures include:

    • Multiple cleaning stations with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.
    • Furniture spacing to encourage social distancing in common areas.
    • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of public spaces and high-touch items.
    • Protective masks per local and regional requirements (which staff will be happily smiling under). We encourage you to also bring your own masks for your personal safety and the safety of others.
    • Check-in communication – Your resort will reach out to make your arrival even easier.
    • Text notifications when your suite is ready.

    Visit to learn more.

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