What Are Points?

Club Wyndham points are your vacation currency and are used to pay for the resort accommodations you request. The number of points you need will vary based on the resort you choose, the suite size, your length of stay, and the season your reservation falls into.

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Don’t Let Unused Points Go To Waste
Make your points go further.
Points Deposit

Whether you’re unable to travel this Use Year or you’re saving up for a future adventure, you have options when it comes to your points. Deposit all, or a portion, of your current Use Year’s points into the next Use Year or two Use Years.

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Convert Points To Maintenance Dollars

Club Wyndham offers an option to convert your points to maintenance dollars, which are then applied toward assessment fees.

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Convert Points To Wyndham Rewards

Convert all or a portion of your future Club Wyndham points into Wyndham Rewards points to redeem for travel and leisure opportunities.

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