Understanding Your Maintenance Fees

Understanding Maintenance Fees

Your maintenance fees are always hard at work –– keeping your resorts in tip-top shape for every vacation you take. So, let’s take a deeper look at all the ways in which these fees add value.

What Are Maintenance Fees?
Maintenance fees represent your proportional share of the costs involved in operating and maintaining your “home” resort.

What Do Maintenance Fees Cover?
Your maintenance fees cover everything from day-to-day operations to large-scale renovations. Here’s an overview of what these fees cover year-round:

  • General Operations
    Property insurance, property taxes, electricity, gas, water, garbage removal, cable, and housekeeping supplies.

  • Landscaping
    Mowing the lawn, planting flowers, trimming hedges and trees, sprinkler systems.

  • Amenities Upkeep
    Service and refurbishment of pools, gym equipment, outdoor kitchens and grills, activity areas, and other group amenities.

  • Suite Upgrades
    In-suite soft goods like bedding, furniture, and décor are refreshed every 3 to 4 years. While kitchen, bath, and flooring remodels take place every 5 to 7 years.

  • Building Maintenance
    Interior and exterior painting, deep cleaning, parking-lot re-pavement, and carpet shampooing.

  • Reserve Funds
    These funds are required by law. They represent an estimate of the remaining useful life of the items at your resorts, how much it will cost to replace them, how much is needed in reserves today, and how much must be added on an annual basis.

How Do They Benefit You As An Owner?
Your resorts are a home away from home when you’re on vacation. And thanks to your maintenance fees, you’re guaranteed to enjoy:

  • Scheduled suite refurbs
  • Routine property improvements
  • Amenity upgrades
  • Exceptional quality and consistency
  • One-of-a-kind vacation experiences

When Are Maintenance Fees Collected?
Maintenance fees are collected annually or monthly, depending on the frequency you select.
Keep in mind, all maintenance fees go straight to your home resort.

Pro Tip: You can put Club Wyndham points toward the payment of your maintenance fees by Converting Points to Maintenance Dollars or through the Wyndham Rewards Conversion Program.

How Are Maintenance Fees Assessed?
The board of directors of each “home” resort meets annually to create a budget for the upcoming year. The board reviews the actual year-to-date expenses and then forecasts operating costs for the upcoming year. They also project what’s needed to ensure resorts continue to meet the high standards you’ve come to expect.

All of the expenses are then totaled and apportioned across the owners at your “home” resort. In turn, each owner is billed based on the number of points they own.

Just remember: The cost and structure of your maintenance fees will vary based on your ownership. For example, suite size and/or location can determine the cost of maintenance fees for fixed-week owners.

What Causes Fees To Rise?
Operating a resort is like running your home. Costs can increase over time. And when expenses for essentials like water and electricity rise, so do your maintenance fees. Unlike a home, however, your resort offers a way to alleviate these costs — sharing them with other owners.

Maintenance Fees Are Essential For Excellence

Club Wyndham and your “home” resort always have expenses to meet, regardless of whether or not you plan to use your points. They are used to maintain the prestigious quality you deserve in your home away from home. So you can focus on what’s important – enjoying your vacations.

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