Understanding Points

Extra Holidays

Extra Holidays is a vacation rental program that offers you the option of renting accommodations for cash. To book an Extra Holidays reservation, call 800-731-4820 or visit extraholidays.com/owner.

If you are interested in placing a reservation up for rent, Extra Holidays will list your confirmed reservation(s) on your behalf. Be sure to confirm a reservation with an advance check-in date of at least two months. For information about listing your reservation(s) for rent, call 800-446-1860, option 2.

Important Information:
  • When speaking with an Extra Holidays associate, be sure to let them know you are a Club Wyndham owner and you may be able to book your reservation at a discounted rate. Subject to availability.
  • If the reservation is not rented, the listing may be removed from the Extra Holidays program.
  • Reservations booked for Extra Holidays rental follow the same Club Wyndham cancellation guidelines.
  • Rental income cannot be guaranteed.
  • All terms and conditions of the rental of the confirmed reservation, including without limitation, rates, commissions, and additional fees, are outlined in the listing agreement.
  • For additional information about Extra Holidays, please visit the Extra Holidays website.
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