Additional Travel Options

Interval International

As a member of Interval International®, also known as II, you receive access to more than 1,500 resorts worldwide. You have the flexibility to use your Club Wyndham points to deposit as weeks and search II’s available resorts. When making an II deposit, you may deposit up to the amount of points owned including points associated with Bonus Contracts.

Members of Interval International can participate in Request First, a feature that allows you to search a snapshot of availability for two business days for an exchange prior to finalizing a deposit.

To initiate an Interval International Request First exchange or to deposit points you can call your Vacation Planning Center at 800-251-8736. The below chart helps determine the number of points needed to book a week-long vacation.      

Important Information:

  • There will be an exchange fee of $184 required to book your vacation. This fee is subject to change.
  • When you request to use the Request First feature, you will be connected with your exchange company and the Vacation Guide will provide them with the deposit information, letting them know that this is a Request First. The representative will then immediately search for availability that matches your request.
  • If what you are looking for is not available, you can choose to finalize the deposit and begin an ongoing search. If you choose not to make a permanent deposit, you have two business days to cancel your Request First deposit and have your points return to your Club Wyndham account.
  • Once an ongoing search or a hold is used on a Request First deposit, the deposit becomes final and points are deducted from your Club Wyndham account.
  • To complete an II deposit, Housekeeping Credits will be deducted from your Club Wyndham account in accordance with the suite size being deposited as shown below in the II Housekeeping Chart.
Suite Type Studio 1 BR 2 BR 3 BR
Per Week Deposited 28 63 77 140
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