Additional Travel Options

TPI Overview

Trading Places International (TPI) is an external exchange company that is affiliated with hundreds of timeshare resorts. Exchanges through TPI Premier Access® using your Club Wyndham points are available to members whose “home” resort is at a participating Hawaii location.

TPI offers an exclusive 2-for-1 exchange for eligible Club Wyndham owners. For every one week reserved at the eligible resort and deposited with TPI, two weeks will be made available to you by TPI. So, you receive the week you deposited as well as a second bonus week from TPI.

If you are eligible, you may request to make a deposit by contacting the Vacation Planning Center at 800-251-8736 and requesting a TPI exchange.

When confirming a week for exchange, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • The reservation must be booked 10 to 3 months prior to your arrival date.
  • When depositing with TPI, a seven-night reservation must be confirmed at one of the participating Hawaii resorts.
Important Information:
  • When confirming a reservation for a TPI exchange, you may use up to the amount of points owned on contracts associated with interest at Club Wyndham Kai locations.
  • TPI Premier Access offers eligible members exchange reservations at select TPI resorts with no exchange fee.
  • All program details are subject to change and are governed by TPI.
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