3 Travel Trends for 2020

While 2019 marked the end of a decade, it was a big year for firsts and new beginnings. Europe banned single-use plastic. Astronomers captured the first black hole on camera. And Queen Elizabeth II graced us with her royal presence on Instagram.

We’re seeing a shift in culture, technology, and how we perceive the world around us. So how does that influence the way we travel? Here are some major 2020 travel trends to look for over the next few months.

1. The Rise of the Eco-Friendly Traveler

This year, Time magazine named Greta Thunberg — a 16-year-old Swedish activist for climate change — as its Person of the Year. It symbolized an important conversation Americans are having at the dinner table: the importance of sustainability. It’s no surprise that 2020 will be a year where eco-friendly travel is top-of-mind for vacationers.

People will be packing lighter, and opting to travel to more locations closer to home rather than hopping on a plane to an elusive, far-off destination. Since they won’t have to go far, travelers might also choose shorter, long weekend trips instead of weeklong vacations to accommodate their busy work schedules. And speaking of local, farm-to-table fare will continue to climb in popularity, which allows travelers the chance to taste the authentic flavors of their destination. Do you see a foodie destination in your future? Consider Club Wyndham Park City in Park City, Utah.

Likewise, travel products will see a green shift. Say goodbye to plastic water bottles in favor of their eco-friendly bamboo, glass, and stainless steel counterparts — and if you’re not a fan of the paper straws you’re bound to find in restaurants, pack your own reusable ones. 

2. All Aboard! Travelers Prefer Trains Over Planes and Automobiles

The past decade has been all about the destination: hunting down the best excursions on Pinterest, and exploring all the nooks and crannies within the boundaries of your location. But in 2020, travelers will make the most out of every moment of their vacation by making their journey a part of their memories, too.

This means you’ll be seeing a major comeback of train travel. And it makes sense: for some destinations, it can be more cost-effective than a plane ticket, especially for families. Similarly, some of the rides can offer breathtaking, photo-worthy scenery. Consider the Coast Starlight, which chugs along the breathtaking Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to Seattle. Along the way, you’ll take in the scenic views of San Francisco Bay, Mount Rainer, and Puget Sound. Make the historic WorldMark Seattle - The Camlin your final destination, and you’ll experience an entire vacation before you even arrive at your suite.

3. Lesser-Known Cities Grow in Popularity

There’s a reason why popular destinations draw massive crowds. Who wouldn’t want to soak in the turquoise waters of Kauai, Hawaii, or glide down the pristine powdered ski slopes in Park City, Utah? But with high-demand destinations comes long lines and wait times, and travelers are now seeking more off-the-grid spots to discover.

Smaller, lesser-known cities have an appeal of their own. Besides the lighter traffic and space to stretch out, you’ll have the opportunity to explore outside your vacation comfort zone, especially if you found yourself in a vacation rut last year. Take, for example, WorldMark McCall in McCall, Idaho, which boasts outdoor recreation like skiing and hiking, or Club Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Bay in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, a paradise for golfers and boaters.

2020 is just getting started. Will you jump on any of these trends for the new year? Weigh in and tell us what you think on the Club Wyndham Facebook page.

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