Best Places To Travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Curious where to travel next? Let the stars decide! Here are 12 unforgettable travel destinations hand-picked based on your zodiac sign.


Birthday: Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Where to GoClub Wyndham Pagosa

As a Capricorn, you’re a patient old soul that’s charmed by tradition. You are resourceful and goal-oriented, so it’s no surprise that you’re an expert planner and always have the best itineraries for everyone in your party.

You’ll love Pagosa Springs, Colorado, because of its impressive list of things to do. You could fill an entire day with hiking the surrounding wilderness, connecting with the local atmosphere at one of the many breweries, or enjoying long soaks in the hot springs with snow-capped mountains as your backdrop.


Birthday: Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Where to GoWorldMark Seventh Mountain Resort

People born under the sign of Aquarius make their own rules and truly appreciate off-the-grid adventures. Unlike most, you’re energized by the idea of change and take a go-with-the-flow approach to life.

You crave deeper connections in your experiences, so Bend, Oregon, is the perfect place to travel this year. You’ll appreciate the diversity of things to do, like hiking up a volcano at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument or marveling at the 97-foot waterfalls of Tumalo Falls.


Birthday: Feb. 19-Mar. 20
Where to GoClub Wyndham Park City

Pisces is positive and easygoing, which makes you the ideal travel companion. You’re likeable and creative with a big imagination. With you, there’s no such thing as a dull moment.  

Head to Park City, Utah, when you’re craving your next escape. As one of the largest ski areas in the U.S., you can ski, snowboard (or both!) to your heart’s desire. No doubt, your passion for music and the arts will lead you to see a show at Park City’s music venue, Park City Live, or experience the world-famous Sundance Film Festival.


Birthday: Mar. 21-April 19
Where to GoClub Wyndham La Belle Maison

Bold and ambitious, Aries is the first to dive into new experiences and is a pro at making friends along the way. Your upbeat nature means you have a zest for life that’s rarely paralleled.

Your resort in New Orleans, Louisiana, speaks to your fiery soul with historic architecture, and the sights and sounds of the French Quarter just around the corner. Before you know it, you’ll be the life of the party on Bourbon Street, and reliving all of your fun-filled adventures with your crew over beignets at Café du Monde.


Birthday: April 20-May 20
Where to GoClub Wyndham at Waikiki Beach Walk

Taurus is an expert at finding order in chaos, and you have a knack for keeping the peace around you. You see the beauty in everything and everyone, and as a result, you’ve mastered the art of enjoying life.

Indulge yourself in sun-drenched Honolulu, Hawaii, where every meal, sunset, and shoreline is photo-worthy. The friendly locals saying "aloha" is sure to bring out your fun-loving nature. Spend your days snorkeling, boating, surfing, or simply floating without a care in the world at Waikiki Beach.


Birthday: May 21-June 20
Where to GoClub Wyndham Smugglers’ Notch Vermont

Gemini is forever a student of life. As such, you live a vibrant, fast-paced lifestyle and are on a never-ending quest to see it all. You cherish your freedom to explore and collect experiences like precious stones.

Bring on the adrenaline in Smugglers’ Notch, Vermont. You’ll race down the mountain on skis, a snowmobile, or snow tube. Since it’s a great place for families, you’re sure to swap countless stories of your adventures over hot chocolate and a bonfire.


Birthday: June 21-July 22
Where to GoWorldMark Marble Falls

Cancer is known for emotional depth and creativity. You love adventure because it lets you express yourself, and your intuitive nature means your heart guides every decision.

You’ll love Marble Falls, Texas, because you’ll be able to cozy up to a delicious meal with your loved ones at any of the outstanding eateries. You’ll find yourself in your element kayaking or jet skiing in Lake Marble Falls, or just wandering around the adorable Main Street.


Birthday: July 23-Aug. 22
Where to GoClub Wyndham Bali Hai Villas

Leos rule at living in the moment. You’re born to lead and have a deep sense of compassion for others that’s both uplifting and inspiring. Every moment is an adventure, and you sure know how to celebrate them.

Kauai, Hawaii, is the best place to travel for your charismatic self (who insists that every drink have a tiny umbrella in it). You’ll take in the sheer beauty of the Garden Isle from every perspective you can — from the sparkling surf, to hiking on foot, to way up high on a helicopter tour.


Birthday: Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Where to GoClub Wyndham Bonnet Creek

Virgo’s magnetic aura can be seen a mile away. You see beauty in the details, and that allows you to savor each moment like a decadent truffle. You don’t mind planning, but you always leave plenty of room for spontaneity.

The world is your oyster in Orlando, Florida. And thanks to your gift for organization, you’ll hit all the highlights, including the theme parks, trendy downtown bars, mouth-watering restaurants on International Drive, and outlet shopping.


Birthday: Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Where to GoClub Wyndham Indio

Libras finds balance in everything. You’re charming and complex, with a genuine personality that’s a delight to be around. For you, the world is full of experiences ready to be devoured.

You always enjoy peeling back the layers of every destination, so naturally you’ll adore Indio, California. You could spend hours perusing Moorten Botanical Garden and navigating the majesty of Joshua Tree National Park.


Birthday: Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Where to GoClub Wyndham Taos

Scorpio’s carefree, adaptable attitude has a powerful way of attracting the best memories. You’re also mysterious, loyal, and a relentless risk-taker who’s fascinated by all life has to offer.

You thrive on the arts and culture, so Taos, New Mexico, is a no-brainer place to vacation to. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a stunning world of pueblo architecture as you gallery hop from one art museum to the next. And be sure to soak up the artisanal atmosphere of the Downtown Taos Historic District.


Birthday: Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Where to GoWorldMark Canmore-Banff

Sagittarius is one of the most skilled travelers of all. You’re always on-the-go and up for new things — in fact, most have trouble keeping up. You’re the forward-thinking, dynamic trailblazer that’s born to wander.

Few places are more picturesque than Banff, Canada. You’ll explore every nook and cranny of the quaint mountain town of Banff, then comb through the serene beauty of Banff National Park including the trails, Cascade Gardens, and popular Lake Louise.

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