Understanding Parking Fees

During a recent owner meeting, an interesting question came up: Why do some Club Wyndham resorts charge for parking and not others? The answer varies by resort.

Reasons For Parking Fees

1. In some locations, the resort doesn't own its own parking facility and has to pay a third party for spaces. This fee is then passed on to owners who require parking.

2. In other locations, the resort's parking lot needs to be staffed and/or gated to provide additional safety and security.

3. In some cases, other resorts in the area charge for parking. So, if Club Wyndham didn’t gate its garage, charge for parking, and/or offer valet, parking spaces would fill up with vehicles from nearby properties, leaving fewer spaces for Club Wyndham owners. In these instances, the parking fee offsets any expenses incurred in the management of the garage.

Do Maintenance Fees Cover Parking?

It’s important to keep in mind that, in the instances where a parking fee is charged, Club Wyndham owners do not pay maintenance fees to cover parking expenses. Any expenses related to parking are covered by parking fees charged as a fee for service.

Why Isn't The Cost Of Parking Built-In?

If the cost of parking were built-in, it would penalize Club Wyndham owners who don’t need a place to park — either because they don’t drive, or because they prefer different ways of getting around on vacation, such as biking, public transportation, ride-hailing services like Uber, etc.

Which Resorts Have Parking Fees?

Below is a list of Club Wyndham resorts where parking fees apply. Properties and prices are subject to change.

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