A New Way To Plan Your Bucket List

Get busy bucket listing. When you need some inspiration for your next vacation, turn to the new Club Wyndham Vacation Planner. This fun interactive quiz lets you build your bucket list according to your trip preferences — everything from points budget and travel party size to experience type, season, and region. Here’s how it works.

1. Head To The Vacation Planner

The Club Wyndham Vacation Planner is just for you, so you must be signed in to your Club Wyndham account to access this owner-exclusive feature. After you log in, click on “Vacation Planner” under the Resorts tab in the main navigation menu. From there simply select “Take The Quiz” to begin.

2. Take The Quiz

The Club Wyndham Vacation Planner is split into five simple steps. First is all about points. Right on this page, you’ll be able to see how many points you have available. Keeping that figure in mind, enter the amount of points you’d ideally like to use on your next vacation. Or, experiment a little. You can dream big and enter more points than you currently have left in your Use Year — remember, you can always rent points or borrow points from a future Use Year to complete a reservation.

Next you’ll be asked about the size of your travel party. This will help find resorts that offer the correct suite size — whether it’s a solo studio stay or a group getaway with multiple bedrooms. Then pick the general season and the general destination region you’d like to travel to. The last step helps narrow down the experience you’re looking for. You can pick multiple options or just your favorite. You can get familiar with the ins and outs of various vacation types in this handy experience guide.

3. Build Your Bucket List

After filling in your trip preferences, it’s time to review your results. The Club Wyndham Vacation Planner will show you which resorts match your needs, each with a little heart icon in the corner. You can click the heart on the resorts that interest you to save them to your bucket list. If you’re interested in planning a trip right then and there, you can select the “View Availability” button to start booking your vacation. Otherwise, you can use your newly updated bucket list to help plan your trip when you’re ready to book in the future. As a refresher, you can always find your resort bucket list in the “My Bucket List” tab on your account dashboard when you’re signed in. You can learn more about this and other website features in your owner guide.

So take the quiz. Get inspired. And most importantly, build your bucket list.

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