Vacation Ready

You’re ready for vacation — and your resorts are Vacation ReadyTM  for you. The bar for excellence in cleanliness is being raised even higher, so you can stay and play with peace of mind. 

Vacation Ready is an enhanced set of cleaning methods and standards to minimize risk and maximize safety. These best practices were created in partnership with Ecolab to ensure the proper hygiene and infection-prevention processes are in place for your return.

Ecolab is an industry leader in hospitality, public health, water safety, food safety, and hygiene services with over 100 years of experience.

They have established partnerships with the EPA, FDA, CDC, and WHO to create best-practice guidance for the protection of people and the environment with approved cleaning and disinfecting protocols and products.

You’ll notice a heightened focus on cleanliness the second you step on property. So you can kick back, relax, and step straight into vacation mode.

Here's what you can expect from your resorts during your trip:

On Property


  • The latest cleaning technology from Ecolab ensures common areas are completely sanitized

  • Face coverings are not required for fully-vaccinated resort staff, except where face-coverings are mandated by local ordinance.
  • Multiple cleaning stations mean easy access to hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

  • Furniture spacing encourages hanging out at a safe distance in common areas.

  • High-touch surfaces across public areas — from telephones and touchscreens to handles and hand railings — are frequently cleaned and disinfected with EPA-approved, virus-killing products.

  • Resort staff have been trained by industry-leading cleaning experts from Ecolab on proper disinfection procedures.
At Check-In


  • You will receive a check-in call to help make your arrival easier and breezier.

  • Text notifications let you know when your suite is ready.

  • Suite keys are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected before issue.

  • You can call to coordinate suite-key delivery and minimize contact.
In Suites


  • Housekeepers wear protective gear throughout the cleaning process.

  • All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected — with special attention given to high-touch items such as door handles, light switches, thermostats, telephones, remote controls, alarm clocks, drapery pulls, furniture knobs, appliances, faucet handles, and toilet and shower handles.
And here’s what your resorts respectfully expect of you:

Masks are strongly recommended for your safety — and may even be required for service in some locations based on local ordinances.*

Stay at least 6 feet apart from others to practice social distancing.

Keep your hands clean and away from your face.

Safely stay in touch using resort-texting services and suite phones.

Look for Vacation Ready signs and follow the recommendations.

Reschedule your trip if you feel ill or become symptomatic.

* Your resort will reach out via text message to let you know if masks are required, and you can check your resort web page for requirement details.

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