Top Road Trip Safety Tips

Your resorts are vacation ready for you with enhanced cleaning procedures — and the safest way to get there is by car. Taking a road trip in 2020 may look different, but with a little extra planning and preparation, you can navigate a safe travel experience while adventuring on the open road. Check out these tips to help reduce health risks and avoid travel snags, so you can road trip with peace of mind.

Plan Your Route

Find the quickest route to your destination and avoid unnecessary stops. Travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines vary between locations. Depending on your destination and where you’re traveling from, some states require a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival. Check the Federal Highway Administration’s directory of state transportation websites, for updated information on travel policies and closures for any areas along your route, especially if you are driving through multiple states.

Of course, your vehicle and passengers can only travel so long without needing a stop eventually. These travel apps can help narrow down your rest stop options:

1. SitORSquat is a bathroom locator, developed by Charmin, which shows cleanliness ratings and reviews of nearby restrooms.

2. Roadtrippers is a popular travel planning app that lets users build itineraries, search for nearby attractions, and navigate their trip with turn-by-turn directions.

3. GasBuddy helps travelers check prices and search for fuel stations by city, state, and brand.

Pack a Travel ‘Go Bag’

Keep your hygiene and disinfectant supplies in a separate bag that’s easy to reach. Pack enough masks, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, and disinfecting wipes for everyone — along with a few extras, just in case. A sealable plastic bag for used gloves and other disposable items is a handy way to stow trash while you’re on the go. Whenever using public facilities, think of these three steps: Cover, Care, Clean.

1. Cover: Adjust mask so that it covers your nose and mouth. Keep the mask fully secured until you are back inside your vehicle.

2. Care: Stay at least 6 feet apart from others and avoid touching surfaces with your bare hands.

3. Clean: Wash your hands and disinfect any high-contact personal items (like your cell phone) and interior surfaces (like your steering wheel) before getting back on the road.

Bring Your Own Food

No road trip is complete without snacks. However, with dining options limited, you may want to bring hardier options than trail mix and jerky. Consider packing a cooler with portable Bento Boxes, specifically designed for meals on-the-go. Here are a couple ideas to get you started.

1. Sweet and Savory Wraps: Wraps are more durable than sandwiches and can be easily transformed into a healthy meal or a decadent treat. Classic combos include sliced veggies and hummus, meat and cheese, Nutella and berries, nut butter and honey. Or spice things up with more creative concoctions, like adding salad dressings, candied nuts, or citrus fruits in savory wraps. For sweet wraps, try using flavored nut butters like cinnamon and vanilla, or adding marshmallow fluff.

2. Mess-Free Snacks: Swap greasy chips and crumbly granola bars for snacks that are cleaner for your body and car. Think hummus with pretzels or vegetables, dark chocolate and fruit, meat and cheese rollups, or protein bars and energy bites.

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