Owner Tips: 4 Ways To Travel Safely

Safety is top of mind for travelers these days. With so many destinations open again, Club Wyndham owners are sharing their tips on how to stay safe when traveling. There are plenty of things you can do to get the most out of your vacation while staying vigilant. You can also trust that your resorts are Vacation Ready, welcoming you back with the highest levels of cleanliness and health safety standards in place. Read on to learn what your fellow Club Wyndham owners are doing to travel safely again.  

1. Be Patient

“Just be prepared. I mean, you know what you've got to do in this COVID climate. Take care of that and have everything ready to go and have your itinerary planned out.” — Rick V. · Owner since 2016

Many owners agree that patience is needed now more than ever when traveling. Many businesses and attractions are open with limited capacity and reduced hours. This means you should make reservations in advance, purchase tickets online, and arrive early. Travel knowing delays are likely during your trip because of enhanced safety protocols. You might also find that your favorite vacation spot might be closed, or your favorite menu item is not available. Do your research and plan ahead to avoid any unexpected inconveniences.

2. Social Distance

“Plan to do things that require less social distancing earlier in the day. Also having our meals at off times to avoid the crowds as much as possible.” — Margaret B. · Owner since 1995

Make a genuine effort to stay with your group as much as possible. Limit contact with others who are not traveling with you. Avoid unnecessary interactions, and when you are speaking with others, make sure everyone is wearing a face covering or there is a safe distance between you. Most localities require face coverings when in public. This is especially helpful for when social distancing is not possible. Make sure your group is on the same page about sticking together before setting out on your trip.  

3. Try Outdoor Activities

“Plan activities away from crowded beaches or events. Go for more nature-driven fun such as hiking, boating, fishing, and picnics. Remember to pack masks and hand sanitizer — and take some Clorox wipes, too!” — Shelley S. · Owner since 1999

Many owners feel more comfortable being outside versus indoors while on vacation. When dining out, ask to be seated on a patio or in a courtyard. Take in the day with a hike or grab a paddle and kayak down a river or on a lake. Check out local street art, murals, and sidewalk artists, or shop an open-air farmer’s market. Many venues are also offering outdoor performances of live music and entertainment. No matter where you travel to, there are plenty of fun and exciting outdoor activities to explore. Do some research before packing your bags and discover what outdoor options are available in your destination of choice.

4. Cook in Your Suite

“Make grocery runs for planned meals at your resorts, like a barbecue or takeout. Have a game and movie night. Take along hand sanitizer and wipes, with extra masks just in case. Most of all, be ready to go with the flow and just breathe in the scenery. Relax and recharge.” — Rose Y. · Owner since 2006

Your suites are appointed with fully equipped kitchens giving you the option to cook meals in your suite while on vacation. Grocery stores are deemed essential businesses, so you can stock up your pantry once you arrive at your destination, or pack a cooler and bring everything with you. Cooking in your suite may help cut down on the amount of times you’ll need to eat out at a restaurant over the course of your trip. You can also pack food for each day and take it with you as you adventure through your destination.

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