What To Do When Your Vacations Plans Change

Whether it’s an unexpected delay, last-minute calendar conflict, or even a global pandemic, sometimes vacation plans shift. But that doesn’t mean your travel dreams are a bust. Here are five tips to get over the disappointment and get back to vacationing.

1. First Step: Reschedule

Don’t cancel your vacation, postpone it. If you had a big trip planned that you had to put on hold, be sure to look into the second half of the year and see what you can swing to still get those much-needed travels on the books. Remember: depending on which resort you choose, you can make a reservation up to 13 months in advance with the Advance Reservation Priority window.

2. Look To Travel Savings

A number of travel options are on super sale right now, and most of them have very flexible change policies. You can also take advantage of points discount offerings at a great value through your club. Save anywhere from 20-50% if you choose to vacation at one of the resorts on special during the travel window.

3. Keep It Local

If you have your heart set on a big-budget vacation down the road, consider saving in the short term and taking a quick trip to a drive-to destination. Stay close to home to save money while still fulfilling your pursuit of travel. And to help stave off boredom, check out these three fun things to do on a road trip.

4. Know Your Options

When planning for future vacations, it’s good to know you have booking and cancellation flexibility. Get to know your flexible cancellation policy and all of your options for making changes to upcoming reservations.

5. Get Inspired To Plan More

Even if it’s in the same destination, now is the time to dig down, plot, and research to make existing travel plans truly exceptional. It softens the blow to plan a greater vacation than you would have had initially. Maybe it’s a longer trip, packed with more attractions, or even splurging on a special meal. So stay positive, and get ready for bigger and better things.

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