VIP Booking Benefits

Ready. Set. Book. As a Club Wyndham VIP owner, you get some seriously big booking benefits. These exclusive perks help you with everything from booking early to sweet, suite upgrades. Discover how to make booking a breeze and check everything off your bucket list — VIP style.

Not sure which VIP tier you are? Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

  • Silver: 400,000 – 699,999 points
  • Gold: 700,000 – 999,999 points
  • Platinum: 1,000,000 points or more


1. Free Housekeeping

VIP Tier: Silver, Gold & Platinum

A clean suite is a happy home base for all kinds of adventures. All VIP owners enjoy no charge for housekeeping credits for every. single. vacation.

2. Unlimited Reservation Transactions

VIP Tier: Gold & Platinum

Every getaway you book requires a reservation transaction. And Gold and Platinum VIP owners receive an unlimited amount of them at no charge. As long as you have the points to book it, there’s no end to the amount of bucket list trips you can take.

3. Last-Minute Discounts

VIP Tier: Silver, Gold & Platinum (Discount Varies)

When the urge to travel, like next week, strikes — book it for less. All VIP owners get points discounts when reserving any resort within two months of your check-in date. Silver VIP owners receive 25% off, Gold VIP owners receive 35% off, and Platinum VIP owners receive a whopping 50% off!

4. Automatic Suite Upgrades

VIP Tier: Silver, Gold & Platinum (Window Varies)

Expand your vacation — literally. All VIP owners enjoy an automatic upgrade to the next-largest suite if it becomes available during your upgrade window. The upgrade window is open within one month of check-in for Silver VIP owners, within 45 days of check-in for Gold VIP owners, and within two months of check-in for Platinum VIP owners.

5. Request Specific Suites

VIP Tier: Gold & Platinum

The closest suite to the pool. The room with the view you absolutely love. The family favorite that you vacation in year after year. Gold and Platinum VIP owners can request and book a specific suite number as long as it’s available.

6. Longer Reservation Window

VIP Tier: Gold & Platinum (Window Varies)

Get access to resorts, other than home resort, before anyone else. Gold and Platinum VIP owners can book over 35 Club Wyndham resorts up to 11 months in advance of check-in using Reciprocal Advance Reservation Priority. That’s one month before it opens up to all owners in the Standard Reservation Window. Gold VIP owners can flex this benefit two times per year, and Platinum VIP owners can use it three times per year.

7. Vacations for Friends & Family

VIP Tier: Silver, Gold & Platinum (Amount Varies)

Share the vacation love. As a VIP owner, you have more opportunities to send your friends and family on a Club Wyndham vacation of their own. Silver VIP owners get five guest confirmations, Gold VIP owners get 10 guest confirmations, and Platinum VIP owners get 15 guest confirmations per 1 million eligible points.

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